Best Flasks for Hiding Booze


iFlask (iPhone Shaped Flask) ($18)

There are so many original ways that you can conceal alcohol these days, and using your beloved little mobile device appears to be one of them. When you’re out on the town or having a nice time at a rock concert or at a club, just reach for your gadget, and know that you’ll also be reaching for a little drink you’ve managed to conceal in that very same gadget. Yep, your drink is hidden in the flask that’s shaped after exactly as your iPhone. Neat, huh? Made from polycarbonate and polyethylene, the handy iFlask bears the resemblance of the iPhone, and can contain 5oz (~140 gr) of booze (any type of drink can be stored). It also includes a collapsible funnel.


Sippin’ Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion  ($30)

Yep, the message this one sends is pretty clear: you can bring your own damn drinks and you can save money in the process. The Sippin Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion is convenient, extremely durable and quite comfy. What’s more, it can support up to 300 lb of weight. It’s great for various sporting events, concerts, fishing and so on.


The Flask Tie ($22)

You’d think everyone would resort to carrying this one every now and then, just for the fun of it. That’s right, from time to time it really doesn’t hurt to have a bit of fun with your colleagues at work, so sneaking a bit of booze into the office is actually possible and The Flask Tie will help you with this. The Flask Tie has a cunningly placed pouch, which you can fill with up to 8oz (225 gr) with your favorite drink. You can choose one of the five different colors to match your clothes.

brandy_smuggler_cane Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask ($69)

Ya know if you have a cane near your person at all times, why not spice things with this awesome Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask? You’ve read correctly: several tubes of booze can fit snuggly into the cane and they won’t be broken or cracked either. The cool part is that the cane was designed so that you don’t hear the tubes rattling either. In other words, nobody need ever know what you have inside ;).


Belt Buckle Flask  ($10)

You gotta love this one. The novelty Belt Buckle Flask allows you to neatly store your drink within the Maxam 3oz Stainless Steel Belt. The item features a single buckle flask, brushed finish sides, a polished top and bottom, and a clip-on buckle to safely keep the flask in its place. The belt actually boasts build quality and has a solid design (with no rough edges). For 10 bucks, this is a pretty fun and cool gift item as well.


Barbuzzo Hammer Flask ($17)

Just an ordinary hammer? A pretty useful, universal tool, right? Well, wrong. In this case, it’s not just a tool, but a truly cool way to conceal a bit of booze. The Hammer Flask has a rubberized grip for safe and secure bottle opening. The hammer-head can double as an ice crusher, as well. Not only is this a useful item to have around the house, but it can also be an awesome novelty gift; not to mention it can be tremendously fun at parties.