Best Flasks for Hiding Booze


iFlask (iPhone Shaped Flask) ($18)

There are so many original ways that you can conceal alcohol these days, and using your beloved little mobile device appears to be one of them. When you’re out on the town or having a nice time at a rock concert or at a club, just reach for your gadget, and know that you’ll also be reaching for a little drink you’ve managed to conceal in that very same gadget. Yep, your drink is hidden in the flask that’s shaped after exactly as your iPhone. Neat, huh? Made from polycarbonate and polyethylene, the handy iFlask bears the resemblance of the iPhone, and can contain 5oz (~140 gr) of booze (any type of drink can be stored). It also includes a collapsible funnel.


Sippin’ Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion  ($30)

Yep, the message this one sends is pretty clear: you can bring your own damn drinks and you can save money in the process. The Sippin Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion is convenient, extremely durable and quite comfy. What’s more, it can support up to 300 lb of weight. It’s great for various sporting events, concerts, fishing and so on.