Cheers To The Best Baseball Drinking Games

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We’re all about going to a baseball stadium, catching some sun, stealing a foul ball from an innocent adolescent, and slamming overpriced beers (and inexpensive beers, pre-game). But watching games on TV? Playoff or World Series baseball is worth tuning in for, but one of the billion regular season games? We need a reason, and any of these baseball drinking games fill that void.

Best Baseball Drinking Games: The Gambler

This kick-ass drinking game is entertaining but will knock you off your feet unless you’re careful. It can be played both with beer and shots. Here’s how to play: as the hitter comes up to bat, the players have to place their bets whether or not they think the batter will get a hit or if the opposing team gets an out. Naturally, losers have a drink. Repeat and enjoy.

Best Baseball Drinking Games: Baseball Cups

Divide everyone into two teams and line up either beers or shots in a row on your table, making sure each one is hiding behind the other. You’ll also need a ping-pong ball or quarter. To start, one player bounces the ball or quarter off of the table and tries to get it into one of the cups.  That’s a “single,” and the player on the other team closest to that cup must then drink that cup and the ones behind it. Also, the second cup is a “double” and the last two drinks must be thrown back. The third and fourth cups go after that, and so on.