Cheers To The Best Baseball Drinking Games

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We’re all about going to a baseball stadium, catching some sun, stealing a foul ball from an innocent adolescent, and slamming overpriced beers (and inexpensive beers, pre-game). But watching games on TV? Playoff or World Series baseball is worth tuning in for, but one of the billion regular season games? We need a reason, and any of these baseball drinking games fill that void.

The Gambler

This kick-ass drinking game is entertaining but will knock you off your feet unless you’re careful. It can be played both with beer and shots. Here’s how to play: as the hitter comes up to bat, the players have to place their bets whether or not they think the batter will get a hit or if the opposing team gets an out. Naturally, losers have a drink. Repeat and enjoy.

Baseball Cups

Divide everyone into two teams and line up either beers or shots in a row on your table, making sure each one is hiding behind the other. You’ll also need a ping-pong ball or quarter. To start, one player bounces the ball or quarter off of the table and tries to get it into one of the cups.  That’s a “single,” and the player on the other team closest to that cup must then drink that cup and the ones behind it. Also, the second cup is a “double” and the last two drinks must be thrown back. The third and fourth cups go after that, and so on.

The Home Team

The rule set for this one revolves around each player siding with a team. When either of the teams gets on base, scores a run, or strikes someone out, the players rooting for that team takes a drink. This particular game will get you sloshed because, well, it’s baseball, so you’re definitely gonna witness a lot of runs, strikes, etc. Play ball!

Total Bases

First off, we suggest sticking with beer for this one.  Here’s how it works: when a baseball player gets on base, each participant in the drinking game takes a swig for each player occupying a base. That’s it. Simple, easy, and boozy.

Flip Cup

We probably don’t have to explain to you how to play flip cup. The ‘relay race variation, where teams race to all complete their flips first, is perfect for when everyone is over watching the game. There isn’t a baseball-specific rule set. Just flip cup. And that’s good enough for us.

The Crotch Grabber

Don’t worry, bro, you’re not going to have to snag a fistful of your friend’s stock and beans.  However, we do suggest that you drink a beer lower in alcohol to make the fun last longer, other you’ll get too drunk too quickly. Those who take part in the game have to drink every single time they see a player grabbing a crotch on camera, slap their team’s ass (on or off the field). Not a lot of ass-slapping and crotch-grabbing going on? Add to the game, every time a player does something boring like picking their nose or adjust their helmet or gloves.

Hit the Beer

This is one of the simplest—and most effective—baseball drinking games. All you have to do is designate someone (or everyone) to take a sip of beer every time there’s a hit in the game. It’ll quickly become apparent that this is no ordinary game of baseball! The more hits that occur in quick succession, the faster everyone will be able to drink.