Best Ways to Renew Your Kitchen

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The kitchen being one of the most used areas in the home also needs makeovers after a certain time. When you have used the kitchen for a long time, its ambiance and the appearance get dull and tired. If you want the kitchen to look refreshing, you need to make some clever efforts to breathe a new life into it. The average cost involved in a kitchen remodeling is $21,751 and when it comes to a big project the costs may go up to $50,000. However, we are not here to favor the big budgets but to encourage you to proceed with remodeling even if you are low on the budget. 

You certainly do not need to spend big amounts to bring a big impact to remodel your kitchen. Mentioned below are certain ways to renew your kitchen in a reasonable budget. 

Clever hacks to renew your kitchen 

1. Incorporate Pattern 

Adding patterns to even the small kitchens can enhance their ambiance and appearance drastically. You can try adding floral wallpapers or vintage rugs, which adds different tons to kitchen infrastructure. You can even go for adding both the wallpaper and the rug at the same time, just make sure the patterns have the matching colors. 

2. Install new countertops 

You may not realize but countertops play an important role in building and deteriorating the look of a kitchen. When you are happy to invest in your kitchen, consider replacing your existing worktops with a new one that ought to bring a dramatic change in your kitchen. You can skip buying the laminate ones since they are expensive. But if you want them to stay for long and add extra protection to it, then we recommend you to go for laminated options. Besides, you can also add heat rods fitted into a surface as a permanent pan stand. Do not be afraid to experiment while upgrading your kitchen. 

3. Upgrade Old Kitchen Cabinets 

When it comes to upgrading storage, kitchen cabinets are the first things that come to mind. One of the most common tips revolving around kitchen cabinets is to paint them. Well, painting existing cabinets can save you a lot of money, but when they are not completely functional, our experts advise you to get them replaced. You can search online for various offers around kitchen cabinets for sale, and if you are lucky enough, you can find the best deal. Upgrading the old cabinets leaves a refreshing impact on your kitchen and its ambiance.

4. Incorporate New Appliances 

New appliances can certainly make your kitchen look new and advanced. With new appliances, your kitchen gets to breathe a new life without changing any kind of furniture. Just make sure the appliances are fitting in the existing space. It is easier to exchange freestanding appliances and they leave a great and sometimes funky impact if you choose to go for bright colors. These appliances can be refrigerators, a bright colored kettle or a toaster.

5. Change The Taps in The Kitchen 

We hardly ever realize the existence of taps, but they add unique character to your kitchen. If your kitchen taps are getting rusted, or even if they are not, we advise to replace them with copper taps. You can also opt to the ones with ceramic handles to add a country look. And if your interiors are white, you can go for a black tap, which will add a distinctive look. Lastly, if you want to add a contemporary feel to your kitchen, look no further than stainless steel. Changing the kitchen taps really makes a difference. 

6. Add Vintage Furniture 

Introducing vintage furniture to your kitchen is another great way to make your kitchen look new and sophisticated. With vintage furniture, you can successfully add industrial inclination to your kitchen. Furniture defines the style statement of your home, the type of furniture you incorporate in your home and kitchen reflects the class and style. 

7. Introduce A Pan Rack 

If your kitchen is small with less storage, and you want to keep essential things like pans and spoons closer, we recommend you to invest in a ceiling rack to hang your bulky & heavy pans and utensils. A specious rack is an innovative and a great way to add features to your kitchen and kitchen island. You can also decorate the rack by adding dried flowers and other items to soften and enhance its look.

8. Go for a fancy Backsplash 

A backsplash is another very little yet important thing that makes the whole cooking area look magnified, in a good way. The most cost-effective way to go for tiled backsplash, which efficiently changes the style of your kitchen. Besides, instead of replacing old backsplash, consider adding it to the place where the backsplash is missing. To add life to the outdated kitchen you can also go for subway colorful tiles. Moreover, for easy installation, you can also go for peel and stick tiles as the backsplash. 

9. Experiment with the lighting 

When working on budget kitchen remodelling, make sure to play with the lighting. You can add dramatic ceiling lights. Adding oversized metal pendants are a great way to make a style statement in your kitchen and incorporate an industrial feel. These pendants can be hung on tables or kitchen island to make a focal point which provides both mood and task lighting. If you opt for smaller pendant designs, you must follow the expert’s tips to style the kitchen. Generally, it is advised to add a maximum of three pendants for a good impact. 

10. Decorate kitchen walls with plates 

Using plates as a decorative kitchen item is a great idea to enhance the indoor ambiance of the kitchen. You can simply glue them to the walls using removable strips or use plate hangers. Dig out all your bone China collection you have and pick the best pieces to adorn your walls. 

These were some of the top tips that you can incorporate to enhance the overall kitchen ambiance and renew it in the limited budget.