Beyond the Anvil: Crafting the Perfect Igneous Hammer Roll in Destiny 2

The Igneous Hammer is a solar hand cannon with a hostile frame that is back for Season of the Witch and can be gained by completing the Trials of Osiris. You can use this hand cannon effectively in both PvE and PvP combat. Regular grinding can get you the normal version of the weapon, but finishing the Flawless Passage and going to the Lighthouse will give you the masterful version. You can also get it by using a proven boosting platform by buying the Trials carry service. In this guide, we explain the best god roll for this hand cannon for both PvP and PvE content.


Why You Need to Get the Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon?

In PvP, the Igneous Hammer is a very strong handgun that you should get. It has great base stats and does a lot of harm. Here are some reasons we think you should get the Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon:

  • Great Hand Cannon for the Sun
  • Excellent in PvP
  • Adept mods can be used with Adept versions

Many players like the Igneous Hammer because it does a lot of damage, is accurate, has a long-range, and does well in both PvP and PvE. The weapon’s bonus features (Smallbore, Rapid Hit, Quickdraw, Ricochet Rounds, and Rampage) make it more useful in battle.

How to Get the Destiny 2 Igneous Hammer?

You can get the Igneous Hammer from any Trials of Osiris Reward source, such as the Weekly tasks for winning 7 matches and rounds. It may also drop by chance from Trials engrams. You are to win all seven matches in the Trials of Osiris Passage without losing a single one in order to get the Igneous Hammer (Adept). You can use the weapon at Saint-14 to get Trials Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards once you have won it. Adept can only focus on Weeks because that’s where the weekly Flawless prize is, and it can only do that with a 7-win Passage.


Igneous Hammer PvE God Roll

These are the options we have chosen for this hand cannon in PvE:

  • Magazine — Flared Magwell or Appended Mag
  • Barrel — Fluted Barrel or Smallbore
  • Perk 1 — Rapid-Hit or Heal Clip
  • Perk 2 — Incandescent or Golden Tricorn
  • Masterwork — Reload Speed or Handling

Hand Cannons aren’t very good in PvE because they fire slowly and take a long time to reload. Still, they’re very powerful and work well as anti-champion guns in late-game PvE. Developers recently made some small improvements to their main weak points, which makes them a good weapon no matter the material.

There is really only one perk combo you should aim for — Heal Clip and Frenzy. This combo increases your numbers and makes the weapon feel much better. It also gives you a perk that heals you when you reload after dispatching someone. The other perks don’t mean as much, so play around with your barrel and masterworks to find the best ones for you. Additionally, you can choose between Rapid Hit and Incandescent if you want an add-clear version of this weapon.

Igneous Hammer PvP God Roll

This is what we recommend choosing for the Igneous Hammer PvP:

  • Magazine — Ricochet Rounds or High-Caliber Rounds
  • Barrel — Smallbore or Hammer Forged Rifling
  • Perk 1 — Keep Away (also good: Rangefinder)
  • Perk 2 — Eye of the Storm or Opening Shot
  • Masterwork — Range or Stability

Hand Cannons are true favorites among PvP mains because they have good range and accuracy and still pack a punch. Despite the ever-shifting META in Destiny’s PvP sandbox, Hand Cannons consistently find ways to stay competitive across all Frames. There are many popular PvP-focused features in the pool, but the Keep Away and Eye of the Storm work best together. All in all, it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to become a Crucible Guardian.

Does It Make Sense to Farm Igneous Hammer?

A short answer is yes (if you’re ready to face the Trials of Osiris). Not everyone likes PvP, so it’s fair if some players are hesitant to try their luck at getting a roll. But now that the drop rates and loot system have been improved, there’s never been a better time for non-PvP players to try their luck and get that god-roll. Remember that you don’t have to win to reach Rank 16, but it will speed things up if you do.