How to find the best slot games

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Exciting themes, no skill requirements and plenty of choice in games… These are just some of the reasons that slot games are one of the highest performing and most enjoyed casino games online. Prizes for these games can reach thousands of pounds and their vibrant graphics, cool animations and bonus features are all part of the fun.

Thousands of slot games are now available to play from your smartphone or computer online, with so many to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to find which games are the best ones to try. However, picking the right game is important for players to get the best experience while slot gaming.

Here are just a few ways slots players can track down the best games for them:

Look for games with the best Return To Player percentage

You shouldn’t start playing slots until you understand what the Return To Player percentage (or RTP) means. Each online slot game will have their RTP listed in the game’s description box, it is represented as a percentage and is often between anywhere from 80 percent up to as high as 99 percent.

The RTP is calculated by looking at the amount a game has paid out during its lifespan in comparison to how much has been paid in via bets. A simulation is usually run by the developer to be able to calculate this.

For example, in a game with a 96 percent RTP, if you bet £100 in a series of games then you would expect a return of £96, with the remaining £4 going to the casino. Of course, these figures are only averages and should not be taken as a strict indication of how much you will win in a particular game.

Find developers with the best RTP

With a little bit of research, you will notice a trend emerge with certain slot game developers releasing games with higher RTP percentages than others. A casino site will often have multiple games created by the same developer, so when you know which developers have the best RTP you can find which casino site hosts their games.

Two developers known for their high RTP include NetEnt and Playtech.

Look at casino game comparison sites

The casino and slot gaming industry is highly competitive, meaning sites are always competing with one another to attain and retain players. This is why comparison sites are important to highlight which sites are the most approved by players, which have the biggest and best selection of games and what payment deposit and withdrawal methods they accept.

Take a look at comparison sites that specifically compare different slot games and slot sites. Be sure to check they have been updated recently, or they might not reflect the most recent game releases on slot platforms.

Ask friends

Another great way to find some highly rated slot games is to ask friends and family for their recommendations. Lots of people play slots, it’s the most popular online casino game, so you are bound to know others that enjoy playing just as much as you do.

You know that recommendations from people you know, rather than companies, are more likely to be unbiased and opinions you can trust.

Look at casino gaming message board and social media groups

Recommendations certainly are a great way to source the very best slot games, and the online community of casino games is there to help. Join facebook groups focused on slot and casino gaming or even follow gaming influencers that you trust.

Keep an eye on any message boards for slot game suggestions and information on any recent or upcoming releases that may be of interest to you.

Look for slots sites offering deposit bonuses and other incentives

As mentioned, slots operate in the highly competitive online casino industry where demand is at an all-time high. Therefore, sites offering these games need to put in extra effort to attract new players.

This is where welcome bonuses such as the deposit bonus comes in. When you sign up for an account and deposit cash to make bets for the first time, the casino may provide an extra deposit on top. Some even offer non-deposit bonuses.

On slots sites, free spins are a popular reward or incentive to encourage player loyalty. When utilising any offers or bonuses, be sure to check out the terms and conditions and wagering requirements. There may be restrictions on which games are included in the offer or how long you have to claim it.

Final thoughts

From asking friends and the online community for recommendations to utilising comparison sites and looking at RTP percentages, there are plenty of ways you can find the best slot games to try out online. It will also depend on personal preference but you will never know you like it until you try it.