Business Immigration Programs in Canada

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Your core business insights and extensive experience earned over the years are invaluable assets. You must put them to use in a fast-growing economy as diverse as that of Canada. One has a lot to learn from Vulkan Vegas in Canada, which has already established its reputation as the best online casino within the country’s territory.

Let’s just admit that the country is lucrative from the stance of business immigrants eyeing an opportunity to launch themselves within the territory. And why not? You have European-style social benefits where the tax rates are payable, and people enjoy a somewhat better quality of life. Besides, there are various other benefits like the national pension scheme and the brilliant chance of earning permanent residence status.

The Government also deems it fit for interested business class immigrants to settle in the country, economically establish themselves and thereby support the development of the economy. Isn’t it obvious from the list of fast-tracked Business Immigration Programs? There are quite a few, and the post today shall look at them all.

Business Immigration Programs at the Federal and Provincial Levels

Let’s check out the avenues of fulfilling this dream of yours.

  • Start-up Visa Program

This program was launched in 2013 to invite entrepreneurs into the territory, recruit them and provide them with a golden opportunity to run a private sector business. In an attempt to realize its goal, it is granting them a work permit besides permanent residence. However, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria and the admissibility conditions to stand qualified. Enclosed are all four of them:

  1. Sit for a mandatory language test.
  2. Have a commitment certificate from a designated organisation.
  3. Have sufficient funds to support your lifestyle in Canada before your business flourishes.
  4. Must be a qualifying business.

The admissibility conditions, on the contrary, look at your nationality, work experience, age, language, income, family members, etc.

  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Being an investor program, it anticipates an applicant to invest $1.2 million into a government-guaranteed investment. However, that’s not all. The individual must be willing to settle in Quebec – the province where everyone speaks French. Those eligible can enjoy permanent residence after undergoing criminality and health examinations conducted under federal immigration authorities. A few other conditions requiring fulfilment are a business experience of 2 years and a personal net worth of a minimum of $2 million.

  • Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

This program is an ideal match for immigrant entrepreneurs ready to establish a new business, continue with an existing one or acquire one in the Quebec province. The eligibility criteria, on the contrary, is dependent on the following two streams:

  1. Stream 1 – All those candidates who are managing a business which they have launched, either alone or in partnership with financial support from incubators, accelerators or university entrepreneurship centre.
  2. Stream 2 – All those entrepreneurs who are shareholders of either a start-up or an acquired enterprise and the value of which is at least equivalent to the funds required for launching a venture.

Since the Canadian Government accepts only limited applications every year, make sure your business plan is impressive enough to pass through the test.

  • Quebec Self-Employed Program

Under the auspices of this program, the self-employed applicant may immigrate to Quebec to generate new jobs. However, much like the rest of the programs, it comes with the following conditions to be met by an applicant:

  1. Have assets with a minimum of the worth of $100,000.
  2. Must own a start-up deposit of at least $25,000 or $50,000 depending on the location – outside or inside of Montreal.
  3. Must meet the desired experience of 2 years in the profession the individual wishes to continue in Quebec.
  4. Must be financially stable to tend to their family and themselves.

With this, we come to the end of the list. The column has restricted the business immigration programs to the above-listed ones because the rest have either terminated or closed. In any case, the stated ones are more relevant for business-class immigrants.

Opportunity is Just a Program Away!

You must be wondering which of the programs should you apply for? Here’s a bit of guidance to help you come out of the dilemma. If you have your net worth in the mid-range and intend to launch and run a business in Canada, then go for the self-employed programs or entrepreneur level ones. However, if your net worth is high and your purpose is restricted to passive investment, with no aspiration of starting out a business in the country, then check out investor programs in detail.

In short, Canada has a lot to offer both at the provincial and federal levels. It takes insights and understanding at the grassroots level to identify the suitable one, move into the country as an immigrant and benefit from a booming economy.