Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Men’s Running Tights


A good pair of men’s running tights can make all the difference in your fitness routine. If you’ve ever had an unfortunate experience with a pair that kept riding up or down, got too cold, or were just plain uncomfortable, you may have been hesitant to try another brand.

But some searching and comparing can put you on the right track to finding the perfect leggings. Just like any article of clothing, it’s important to consider how they’ll fit and what activities you plan on doing while wearing them.

Here are some important things to note and look for when shopping for a pair of men’s tights or men’s running shorts.

The Right Fabric

Before you run out to the store and grab your next pair of men’s running leggings, it’s important to be able to recognize some key factors that make for a quality pair. The first thing you should look for is the fabric itself.

You want a material that will keep you cool while you work out, but is also comfortable to wear; finding that balance can be tricky but it is worthwhile in the long run.

Wicking fabrics (the kind often used by outdoor gear companies) are great for keeping sweat away from your body and wicking it away, which helps prevent chafing. Other good options include synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester, which tend to do a good job of staying breathable while also being lightweight.

These materials will help prevent excessive heat and moisture buildup during your runs, thereby helping keep your body temperature stable while you sweat it out.

Level of Compression


The second element to consider for men’s running tights is their level of compression or tightness. If you’re considering a pair of running compression shorts, you want them to be tight, but not too tight that can restrict your movements.

The tighter and stiffer your tights are, the more pressure they put on your legs and the surrounding areas. This can restrict the blood flow and circulation and can leave your muscles feeling cold and sluggish while also putting unnecessary strain on your legs. You’ll want to look for a pair that have some give or flexibility when you try them on; they should feel like a second skin, supporting your muscles and soft tissue rather than restricting it.

Shorts vs Leggings


It can be cumbersome when deciding between getting yourself a pair of men’s running shorts or men’s running leggings. But the key to knowing which to buy is by first assessing what activity you will be doing while wearing them.

  • Mens running shorts – These are best for biking, you would not want to wear a longer pair and risk having them get caught on your bike’s pedal. These are also a better choice if you’re running in a more temperate or hotter climate, exposing your lower legs can prevent you from heating up and risk having a heatstroke.
  • Mens running leggings – A full pair of leggings are great if you need to have your whole legs covered up, these would be a great choice as well even for swimming! Compression is what makes men’s tights and other compression wear essential in recovery as well as endurance, and if those two are what you are after, it would be best to get yourself a pair of full length leggings that will go down and cover up your shins.

Fast-dry and Non-absorbent

These two are also known as moisture-wicking and quick-drying, these are basic for athletic wear, especially for leggings and you would want to make sure that your compression leggings for running or your running shorts are both!

What’s the difference between moisture-wicking and quick-drying?

  • Moisture wicking is a fabric feature that draws sweat away from your body so you can stay dry and warm. The slimmer the fabric, the better it’ll be at keeping sweat off your skin and away from your clothes.
  • Quick drying means that the fabric dries quickly, so you don’t get cold as you slow down for a rest or at the end of your run when you stop moving altogether. This is important because sweat evaporates very slowly from cotton clothing, so if you wear cotton clothes while working out or running in cold weather, they’ll get wet and stay wet for a long time which will make it hard to keep warm. That’s why most men’s running shorts are made with synthetic materials that wick away moisture instead of cotton.


When it comes to finding the best men’s running tights or compression pants for running, another thing to look for is whether it has a secure pocket that can hold things like your phone, ID and earphones.

Meggings with pockets (men’s leggings with pockets) with a secure zipper will make sure you don’t lose your phone and prevent annoying bouncing when you run. Another great feature of meggings with pockets is an easy-access storage so you can quickly check your phone without stopping or breaking stride.

Basic VS Loud

Men’s tights come in both basic solid colors as well as loud and funky prints! The beauty of this is you can either look well-put in athleisure wear or go out and about wearing something that reflects your personality and personal style!

So don’t be shy, you can go out and slap on a pair of animal print leggings, chrome leggings, and even neon leggings if you want to! The possibilities are endless, and your legs are essentially a blank canvas for you to express yourself with!

Final Tips for Choosing the Best Running Tights for Yourself

When looking for running tights specifically, comfort is key. The best men’s running leggings will keep chafing at bay and prevent other frustrating problems so that you’re able to move freely without distractions. Your leggings should also be durable enough to last through many runs without losing their shape or functionality over time.

Be it meggings with pockets, compression pants for runnings, or men’s running shorts, the best tip you need to know when buying a pair is that you feel comfortable and confident in them! It’s a new age, and men’s tights should be made a norm to wear!