Celebrating a New Website and a New Beginning for Crypto Trading

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Have you ever dreamt of exchanging crypto coins without limitations? When you can be your own boss and decide when to trade currencies and how much to pay.

With contemporary tools for crypto exchange, this dream becomes a reality. Now is the time when more and more people give up traditional exchange services and choose comfy Bitcoin wallets where all their rights are respected and security guaranteed. What is more, with a decent app for cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to earn. One of such cool platforms, the platform of Bitqt app, announced it’s launching its service so that everybody could try converting currencies without queues and paying over the odds.

What Is Special About Bitqt and How to Use It

The first thing that makes Bitqt stand out from the grey crowd of average services is the new and effective technology. Whatever device you are using for crypto exchange, the system will be running equally smooth. As we have said – no limitations to restrict you!

But now let us bring some order into these benefits of Bitqt. Every user is guaranteed to get the following features.

  1. Top security.

Although exchanging fiat currency for crypto includes a share of risk all the time, it’s possible to minimize those risks by choosing the service that really cares about its customers’ security. Bitqt is known to integrate the fresh encryption technologies to keep your private data safe. The service doesn’t allow even reliable brokers to intrude into operations and clients’ data, – here you are the only one who manages this.

  1. Fast performing app.

Integrating the ground-breaking systems in its work, Bitqt has no rival in terms of performance. The accuracy of every operation is about 99.4 percent and the speed is impressive too. As a rule, orders for coins with a smaller value than Bitcoin are processed in a few seconds. Bitcoins, in their turn, can take up to several minutes to be transferred to your Bitqt account.

  1. Legitimate work.

Since many new traders wonder if converting crypto is legal at all, here is the direct answer: ‘Yes, it is’. The service is certified and obeys the rules and regulations set for trading platforms. The only thing to be extra attentive with is the laws concerning crypto exchange in your geographical area since many countries haven’t got the process legalized yet.

  1. Making considerable profit.

Now, the service is initially designed to keep track of the value changes of Bitcoin and earn on this. The service itself doesn’t sell real Bitcoin. Buying and selling them has to do with brokers while Bitqt is more focused on getting spinoffs from their price movements. A lot of people after trying this out have earned enough to stay with Bitqt and continue their journey.

  1. Fast and easy registration.

Signing up at Bit Qt isn’t something that will stress you out. Just provide a part of your personal data like a phone number and email, remember the password, and verify your identity. The verification act takes place just once; after it is successfully done, you are ready to place your first deposits.

  1. Instant profit withdrawal.

If you’re not an admirer of using different payment systems or bank accounts for completing financial operations, here is the good news – Bitqt lets you use various means. Whatever you find convenient and affordable, – a credit card or electronic wallet, – all operations are usually done within a day starting from placing the withdrawal request.

  1. Downloading isn’t a must.

Again, this proves that Bitqt is all about its clients’ convenience. If you don’t feel like installing the app, don’t do it. Try to set up an account on Bitqt and make your first deposits online. As a bonus, here you also get extra protection of the data. Since for many fraudsters it’s not difficult to clone the app to steal your account info, downloading can bring potential hazards. So, without it, life becomes easier.

Bitqt is definitely not just another platform to track Bitcoin prices. Here you get the real opportunity to make a profit. The service is open for traders of all levels so don’t hesitate or think you’re too inexperienced. Get wealthier with Bitqt by signing up today!