Cocktail Recipes: Wild Turkey Maple Apple Cider

Cocktail Recipes: Wild Turkey Maple Apple Cider

Cocktails You Should Make — And Drink — Right Now

Normally we don’t drink apple cider because it’s loaded with sugar. (Just so you know, both apple cider and apple juice both contain 24 grams of sugar per 8-ounce cup. The daily sugar intake for men is nine teaspoon or 36 grams, according to the American Heart Association.)

However, when we’re boozing — and during the holidays we’re certainly doing a lot of that — we’ll happily toss rational thinking aside and indulge in sugar, fat, and whatever food is served so long as it’s covered in a layer of grease. So sugar content aside, if you’re looking for a delicious cold-weather cocktail that’s ideal for a to give you a solid post-Thanksgiving dinner stinger after suffering through the horrors of having to sit through your family duke it out over whether Donald Trump will try to rule America Putin-style or if Hillary Clinton should be hauled out of her damp, dark depression in handcuffs, whip up this easy-to-make cocktail recipe for a bourbon maple apple cider using Wild Turkey.  Aside from the apple cider, you should have all of the mixings on hand, and they’ll help mask the bourbon in a way that will allow you to down the beverage like it’s a booze-less cider drink. For those with an iron gut, feel free to add a few more ounces of Wild Turkey.



  • 6 ounces Wild Turkey 101
  • 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 4-6 teaspoons pure maple syrup to taste
  • 1 cup spiced apple cider
  • Apple slices for garnish
  • Ice

Make it:

1. Add ice to a glass and a cocktail shaker
2. Add bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, and apple cider to shaker
3. Shake it in the same manner in which you’d use a Shake Weight
4. Strain into a glass and garnish each with a slice of apple

*Photography by Erica Schultz.

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