Common Refrigerator Breakdowns and Their Reasons

A broken refrigerator is a real disaster for the whole family. It stores food supplies for at least several days, and meat, berries, ice cream, and semifinished products in the freezer. In a matter of hours, food begins to melt and deteriorate, so a broken refrigerator is a real problem. It is imperative to know the most common breakdowns of the refrigerator and their causes so as not to violate the rules of operation, and know when to call a master.


1)   The refrigerator does not turn on

If the light is on and the refrigerator is not working, i.e., does not freeze, it may be caused by the following malfunctions:

  • the compressor doesn’t work, and clicks can be heard;
  • malfunction of the sensor or thermostat, i.e., the refrigerator cannot detect that the internal temperature has risen;
  • failure in the control module. Signals are received from the sensors about the need to turn on the motor, but the board does not perceive them or does not transmit a signal to the motor.

To determine the cause of the problem, a professional diagnostic is required. A malfunctioning element requires replacement, so don’t hesitate to contact the home appliance repair Mississauga and find out the problem with no extra fees.

2)   The refrigerator does not turn off

This is also a problem since the fridge consumes a lot of electricity. The reason may be trivial — the refrigerator door is slightly open, or the outside temperature is too high. The door must be closed and the temperature adjusted. Also, the problem may lie in the activated emergency freezing mode. Among the more serious reasons are coolant leaks, depressurization, or compressor failure.

3)   The freezing compartment does not work

There are often situations when the freezer works, but the fridge does not. The reason may be simple. For example, a door is not tightly closed, or a fan is covered with ice that it cannot freely rotate. If these problems are excluded, then the reasons should be the following: freon leak, compressor malfunction, fan motor failure, etc.

4)   Formation of a snow coat

Among the reasons for the appearance of a thick layer of ice in the refrigerator and freezer, there are both commonplace and specific ones:

  • if you constantly put hot food in the fridge, open the doors and put liquid in an open container, then there will be a fairly high level of humidity inside;
  • wear of the seal;
  • poor air circulation.

5)   Bad smell

First, you should check if anything in the far corner has deteriorated. You should also exclude the presence of a product with a strong specific smell. Typically, any odour is removed by thorough cleaning. The reasons for bad smell appearance are clear:

  • improper operation of the refrigerator and storage of food in an open form;
  • leaving the switched off refrigerator closed for a long time;
  • wetting of thermal insulation. Liquid can get behind the cladding panel, accumulate there and become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

Try to avoid all the malfunctions explained above, and everything will be fine!