Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Services


Most car manufacturers recommend maintaining a consistent car service schedule. However, many people only focus on changing the oil and rotating the tires. It’s true that some parts do not require much regular maintenance, but you should not overlook them completely. If you wish to save yourself the trouble and unnecessary inconveniences, remember to check the following parts during your next visit to the mechanic shop.

1.   Power steering service

When was the last time you had your car steering wheel system checked? Over time, the fluid in your steering wheel compartment picks up dirt and debris, and before you realize it, the system is clogged. You should read your owner’s manual to know how often the steering wheel fluid should be refilled and have an annual steering wheel service.

2.   Side mirrors

Car mirrors are some of the most ignored car parts, and people often forget how easily these mirrors can be scathed when driving. Even if it is functioning well, why not give it a touch of class by adding custom side mirror covers? You can always speak to your mechanic and find out how to cover your car mirrors appropriately.

3.   Wheel alignment

Poorly aligned wheels affect the longevity of your tires and the suspension system. A misaligned wheel system can affect the functioning of the steering wheel or the car’s natural positioning. Having a regular alignment check will guarantee you a safe ride and durability of some car components.

4.   Differential service

The differential system of a car transfers input from the transmission to the respective wheels. If you have a front-wheel-drive car, the chances are that this is already incorporated into the transmission system. However, all rear-wheel-drive vehicles have their differentials together with the rear axle just near the housing end.

Differentials take many gear movements, and the lubricants break down faster, something that might permanently affect the wheel bearings. It is wise to stick to your manufacturer’s differentials and case fluids transfer schedules at all times.

5.   Cabin air condition system

The air-con system runs on a compressor that requires adequate oil to lubricate movable parts. Leaving your air-con for long periods without action can lead to oil leaks. It is advisable to power up your air-con system for at least 15 minutes a month in winter when it is underused. Additionally, it would be best to have the oil replenished and the entire system reassessed at least once a year.

6.   Cooling system

Unless you have yourself one of those posh modern rides such as the VW Beetle, the chances are that your car has a water-cooled engine. A vehicle’s engine produces immense heat, and the cooling system is prone to wear and corrosion than other parts of your vehicle. The system should be flushed with fresh fluids twice a year and the antifreeze added during winter.


Cars are our best friends, but we tend to forget to service them. Car service and repairs are expensive, but that should never be an excuse to ignore them. Most importantly, don’t overlook the above commonly overlooked car maintenance services.