Considering progressive lenses? Here are 4 things you need to know

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Are you someone who struggles to see things in the distance and at close range? If so, you’re probably all too familiar with the inconvenience of trying to find and manage the right prescription. You may require different glasses for different activities, such as reading and driving or using a laptop – this requires a lot of dedication, and a good memory if you want to ensure you have the right glasses for the right task when you need them most.

If this sounds familiar then you may be someone who could benefit from progressive lenses. These ingenious lenses are more like three pairs of glasses in one, as your lenses boast three different prescriptions in each. Your long-distance prescription, your middle-distance prescription and your close-up prescription. You may have heard of bifocals; however progressive lenses are considered to be the more updated and modern version of these visual aids. Giving you a more seamless look and feel.

If you need to have corrective lenses, then progressive lenses from EyeBuyDirect can help you. If you’re still unsure if you should update your lenses or not, check out these 4 things you need to know about progressive lenses.

You have to train yourself to use them

Training yourself to look through your glasses sounds ridiculous! However, if you choose to switch to progressive lenses they will take some adjusting. For example, if you’re reading a book then you’ll need to remember to look through the lower part of your lenses so you’re engaging with your short-distance prescription. And if you’re driving then looking straight ahead will give you the prescription you need.

It can take a few days to adjust to this new way of vision. However, it will soon become second nature!

Opt for larger frames

When you opt for progressive lenses, you’ll need to look through various parts of the lens to get the prescription you need. This is why your chosen frames should be larger and smaller styles should be avoided. The bigger your frames, the bigger your lenses and the better your coverage will be! has a wonderful range of progressive lenses and frames that will complement your aesthetic perfectly.

You’ll love the convenience

As mentioned above, if you’re someone with varying degrees of vision problems, then carrying around different glasses for different tasks can feel laborious. But with progressive lenses, you no longer have to worry. No more swapping, no more searching for your readers in the evening, or picking up the wrong pair! Just a simple, stylish pair of frames and everything you need in one place! Just remember where you put them down!

The cost may surprise you

It’s easy to imagine that this sort of vision technology is only reserved for those with unlimited budgets. However, that’s simply not the case, reach out to and discover the cost of updating your lenses may pleasantly surprise you.

Final thoughts…

Many progressive lens wearers never go back to traditional lenses, and you could be one of them! Start your progressive lens journey, today.