Do You Still Need to Dress Up to Play Roulette?

We can all picture the classic image of a well-groomed man wearing a tuxedo while the dealer spins the roulette wheel. But is the idea of dressing up in your smartest clothes to play this casino game still relevant in the modern world?


It Depends How and Where You Play

The first point to note is that the overall attitude toward casino dress codes has relaxed in recent years, with many of them removing the need for formal clothing. However, some casinos are stricter than others, so it’s worth checking in advance. You probably won’t be forced to wear a tuxedo anywhere, but you might be asked to wear a smart jacket or dark shoes.

The rise of online roulette games like the Spin Till You Win Betfair title has added a greater degree of flexibility by allowing players to place their bets at any time wherever they are. This has removed the need to dress up while the online setting with a 3D evokes the genuine casino atmosphere. The gameplay is instantly recognisable although also online games introduce new features such as this game’s bonus multiplier of up to 500x your bet that gets randomly applied to winning straight-up bets.

The Time of Day Matters Too

If you’re planning to visit a classy casino, knowing their general dress code might not be enough. This is because some casinos introduce stricter rules in the evening than those they use during the daytime. This may simply mean that you might need to put on a jacket, or you might need to go back to your hotel to change into something more formal, such as the options covered at FashionBeans.
The biggest casinos tend to get busier in the evening, with the roulette tables being one of the areas many players want to try. If you’re in Las Vegas, the days tend to be relaxed, with shorts, jeans and t-shirts allowed in most casinos. However, after dark you might need to switch to business casual dress – as described by The Essential Man – with trousers and a shirt.

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Whatever Makes You Feel Comfortable

While many people love dressing up to go the casinos, others feel more comfortable putting on the type of clothes that make them feel relaxed. If you’ve always wanted to wear something smart and formal while playing roulette, going in the evening makes more sense, as you’ll fit in better with the other players. The famous casino in Monte Carlo states that smart attire is required and lists items such as bermudas and jeans with holes as being excluded.

However, if you just want to feel confident and comfortable, there’s nothing to stop you from playing at the roulette table during the day with a less formal outfit. You might also decide to play online, so you can explore a variety of roulette games and wear your lucky pyjamas or whatever you choose.

The days of having to sit for hours in a tuxedo to play roulette are long gone. However, you still need to put something into how and when you want to play. You can then choose your outfit to match your mood and concentrate on the game while feeling good.