Eat Me: PopCorners

healthy snacks popcorners

Popcorners ($3 @ is a healthier option than sugar-loaded candy or highly-processed salty snacks. Don’t get us wrong — we still eat candy and salty snacks on occasion, but cutting back on consuming them helps us from getting a dickie do. Popcorners are a crunchy snack made from non-GMO ingredients. They are also gluten-free. The greatest benefit of choosing Popcorners over your traditional snack of chips or sugary sweets is that they are made of nutritional ingredients with nothing artificial.

They’re a gluten-, trans fat-, and cholesterol-free hybrid of popcorn and chips — hence their tagline The New Shape of Popcorn — that are made without artificial ingredients.  Additionally, most flavors are low in sugar (1-3 grams or so per serving) and don’t taste like some health food — like garbage. Some of the offerings: cheddar cheese, jalapeno, sea salt and sweet chili peppers. They also offer some sweet flavors with caramel and kettle style.

Eat ’em as a standalone snack, mix ’em up with pretzels, or as a healthier alternative to snack on when you’re boozing. Either way, they’re worth a try.