Enhance Your Fireworks Show With These Amazing Aerials


Nothing lights up the night sky more than a fantastic fireworks display. Bright lights, superb patterns, and a satisfying boom are all hallmarks of a cool fireworks show. Some states don’t allow aerial fireworks, but others do, so be sure to comply with local laws and ordinances. It should also go without saying that safety precautions are essential. If you’re looking to really take your next fireworks display up a notch, you may want to try one of these awesome types of aerial display fireworks today.

Sky Spinners

Spinners are one of the coolest-looking fireworks when you see them in action. Like most aerial fireworks, they offer large, dynamic, and colorful displays. The design of these fireworks is quite unique. They have special angled friends in the design that allows them to tumble and spin as they soar through the sky. The result is a visually spectacular presentation about light and sound that will make onlookers stand in awe. After they’re in the air, they’ll spin around a bit and create a fantastic show. To get the most out of them, you’ll want to watch both the ascent and descent from a safe vantage point, in a very clear area devoid of trees, shrubbery, or other foliage.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are cylindrical fireworks consisting of a tube, a fuse, black powder, and either stars or shells that are propelled through the tube into the air when the firework is lit up. Roman candles can come in an array of different types of effects including loud noise-making shells, very colorful stars, wearing/whizzing effects, and many more tantalizing and visually spectacular types. While it is an exciting firework to show off during a party or backyard bash, it can be potentially dangerous. It’s best to use them in open areas, using some sort of protective gear, having a fire extinguisher of some sort nearby, and avoiding holding them directly in your hand or lighting them with the match. Instead, use a special fireworks torch or an extendable lighter to light the fuse. Also bear in mind that Roman candles are not legal in every state so you need to be sure that they are both legal to buy and we go to use them in your state, county, and the city prior to shooting any of them off. When used safely, they can be a lot of fun for the whole family to behold (but you should never let a kid use one).

Reloadable Shell Kits

Also known as mortars, reloadable shell kits are the pinnacle of fireworks technology.

Like the Roman candles (tubes that shoot stars/shells), mortar fireworks feature a tube that shoots shells into the air. Unlike the roman candle, mortar fireworks can be reloaded with fresh shells. Using reloadable mortar fireworks can be loads of fun at a show, whether you’re shooting them off one at a time or lining up several together to fire off in succession. The tube might be constructed of fiberglass or plastic. The effects are comparable to other aerial fireworks, as they can be sparks, colorful, or use a variety of different shapes to make various patterns in the sky.

Aerial Cakes

They’re not a food item, but they are pretty sweet. The aerial cake is a generic term for a variety of different types of fireworks that shoot into the air and explode into an interesting, visually appealing pattern. The comet is a multi-part, multi-colored shot that flies out in multiple directions when fired. The chrysanthemum erupts into a flower-like pattern. A brocade effect resembles a spider made of light. Pearls and crossettes erupt in multiple directions. The former usually flies away in two opposite directions, while the latter creates a cross shape. Then there’s the amazing dragon egg pattern that erupts into a burst of light and quickly dissipates. These are most likely the ones you’ve seen at state fairs, carnivals, and special events. Other effects exist, including palm tree-like effects, strobing, and willow effects that are just as spectacular.



If you ever played around with model rockets as a kid, then you’re likely already familiar with those little mini paratrooper figures that have their very own attached parachutes. There is a type of firework that offers a similar effect. The firework goes up and sails back down to earth on a parachute. They’re fun for kids and adults alike, especially since they’re daytime friendly and do not require the night sky to be enjoyable. They’re probably better suited to a small outing or picnic than a massive fireworks show, but either way, they’re a blast that someone of any age can enjoy.