Essential Tools and Equipment for Maintaining Your Garden in 2022


A person who is just starting to garden can go overboard when purchasing garden tools. There are gardening tools essential to maintaining your garden. When purchasing garden equipment, it is always important to consider the quality of the tools so they will last longer. 

Essential garden tools 

If you are interested in gardening, whether as a hobby or profession, you must have the essential gardening tools and equipment, no matter if you are a beginner, a mid-level gardener, or a serious one. One thing to keep in mind – as the garden tools are made of metal, protect them by giving them a coat of playground equipment paint, which will protect the tools from the weather, climate, and abrasive and corrosive elements. 

  1. Gloves

Working in the garden with your bare hands exposes your hands to various things, from thorns to splinters to gravelly soil. Ensure that you get thick and durable gloves that fit your hands correctly. It is preferable to use breathable and water-resistant gloves so your hands will be more comfortable and cool. Purchase gloves with longer cuffs to protect your wrists and forearms from soil and scratches. 

2. Pruning shears

Pruning shears are essential to keep your plants under control. Depending on the plants you have and their sizes, you can purchase secateurs (hand pruners), anvil style pruners, bypass pruners, and ratcheting pruners. Anvil pruners are best for dead wood, while bypass pruners are suitable for green wood and live plants. Ratcheting pruners have increased cutting strength, making them perfect for people with arthritis or reduced hand strength. 

3. Garden fork and spade

A garden fork will help dig and turn the soil if you plant directly to the ground. A fork with straight tines is suitable for digging clay, rocky, or compacted soil. The ones with curved tines are perfect for turning compost piles and scooping mulch. Get a spade for digging holes, moving soil or dirt, lifting sod, and creating edging.

4. Hand trowel

hand trowel is perfect for taking out weeds, planting containers, and transplanting bedding herbs and plants. A trowel with a broad blade will move more soil. The ones with narrow blades are ideal for digging rocky soil and removing weeds. 

5. Hoe and rake

If you have a vegetable garden, purchase a wide hoe. For gardens planted with perennial plants, get a thinner hoe to cut weeds and prepare the flower and garden beds. In addition, you need a rake to collect debris and fallen leaves.

6. Garden hose with adjustable nozzle

Before purchasing a garden hose, estimate the length you need to reach every part of your garden. The length of the hose affects the pressure of the water that comes from it. With an adjustable nozzle, you can control the spray radius and water pressure depending on the delicacy of the plants. 

7. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow has many uses. You can use it to move extra soil, mulch, or compost. A wheelbarrow can carry pots and seedling trays. It is a piece of multipurpose garden equipment that will help you haul and move heavy items. 

Proper cleaning and storage can make your garden tools and equipment last longer. Moreover, purchase equipment of high quality as they are more durable.