Reasons why you should Plant New Trees in your Garden

robin wersich Q0IrpWQIMR4 unsplash

Trees are quite literally a vital part of keeping us all alive and healthy. But how often do we actually take the time to stop and appreciate these incredible gifts of nature? 

Better yet, when was the last time you planted a new shrub or tree in your own garden? Here are some of the main reasons why planting a beautiful new tree should be top of your priority list. 

The right trees will endure through all seasons

Some trees have the ability to endure every type of season, weather condition, and climate. There’s a wide variety of birch trees online that are beautiful, adaptable to all seasons, and easy to maintain. This means that no matter what your garden is like, there’s probably a tree that will thrive and grow there!

It’s good for the environment 

Man-made issues have created an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And this of course has a huge impact on global warming. The incredible ability of trees to absorb pollution and provide us with oxygen is a marvel of nature, and it’s one that’s not only better for the planet overall, but also helps your garden to stay as healthy as possible. 

More privacy in the garden

Trees are nature’s walls! You can enjoy the fresh air and sweet scents of a tree while obscuring the view of your neighbors at the same time. It’s difficult to get alone time in such a busy world, so planting those extra few trees can help you feel completely isolated on those tricky days where you just want to have a little ‘you’ time. 

Reconnect with nature 

Centuries ago, we were always interacting with nature. With the digitalization of the modern world, many of us aren’t getting those precious moments due to the hectic nature of our lives. Allow your family the opportunity to reconnect with nature and embrace the calmness it inspires within us all. 

Improve the security of your garden 

Trees in front yards and back gardens are great deterrents for home invaders and other aspects of criminal activity. They hide the lure of your home from potential burglars and are also associated with recreation, which may also play a role in reducing crime in areas with trees

Improve your overall health

Modern life means you’re likely spending most of your time in a stuffy office, then your car, then your house. These factors all contribute to poor overall health. Exposure to trees can help to boost your immune system, improve your overall mood, and increase your energy levels at the same time!

Bond more as a family 

With so many distractions and devices at our fingertips, we all have the luxury of owning a lot of gadgets. But sometimes those devices can come at the expense of quality family time together. However, planting a tree in your garden can be a family affair that gives everyone a sense of responsibility to help the planet and enjoy each other’s company.