Exploring Door Lock Types and Designs for Home Security

Door locks are a fundamental way to safeguard your home. It adds to the door’s aesthetic appeal and adds convenience. Over time, there has been a significant advancement in lock designs with a variety of options in the market. From deadbolts and the classic doorknobs to keyless entry locks and cutting-edge biometrics, each lock has distinctive features and operational methods.


Top main door locks to choose from

Let us take you through a selection of some of the best main door lock designs to help you find one that best fits your needs.

Fingerprint Scanner

It is a convenient and sleek door lock design with a fingerprint scanner. This keyless, smart option surpasses the traditional push button locks, courtesy of its wear-resistant technology. With the ability to save several fingerprints, it accommodates family members and roommates. Some locks can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing remote door unlocking and locking.

Doorknob locks with a password.

Experience the perfect potpourri of modern security and vintage charm with a doorknob lock featuring password control. Hence, only those with the password can gain access, while the key can work as a backup option if someone forgets the code.

Phone-operated smart lock

Get ready to unveil the pinnacle of security with the phone-operated smart lock for your main door. This premium option allows remote control via your mobile device, effortlessly managing the daily movements of a bustling household. With fingerprint and password authentication, you get different entry options. Further, its advanced design auto locks the door behind you when you close it, an excellent feature for those in a rush.

Video intercom lock for the main door

Boost your home’s security and privacy with a video intercom lock for your home or office’s main door. This comprehensive solution allows for interactive and clear visual communication with the guests, keeping unwelcome intrusions at bay. It is also a good pick for child security. Given its wireless connectivity, you can remotely open the door for your main gate, irrespective of how far you are from the entrance.

Fingerprint detecting lock

Get set for an effortless entry with a contemporary lock having fingerprint detection. By just touching the lock, you can pair it with your phone or the key fob via Bluetooth, determining if it’s in proximity to grant access. This unobtrusive design adds a trendy touch to your door.

Pull and push lock design.

Experience the versatility of the Pull and Push lock design that offers several unlocking options, such as card, fingerprint, and passcode. Its luxurious-looking handle combines user-friendliness with convenience, and the seamless Push and Pull mechanism allows for easy door operation. It can be a good selection for senior citizens or come in handy when your hands are occupied.

Fingerprint sensor with a passcode

This door lock comes with two unlocking methods – password and fingerprint. Some designs even offer a log of entry activity, including timestamps. It is a popular lock design in homes and apartments.

Classic lock chain design

This door lock design offers the classic lock chain design’s timeless functionality. While it is not the most technologically advanced, it lets you visually verify the guests before letting them in. You can use it in conjunction with other smart locks for added security. This door lock design is ideal for family homes with young children.

Extra-secure door lock

Boost your home’s security with this four-bolted robust gate lock design. Its multi-module construction prevents trespassing attempts. Further, its easy accessibility and affordability only add to its appeal. With this lock design, you do not need added programming or frequent battery changes. The sleek standard latch handle adds to the door’s sturdiness and stylish appeal.

Wide Range of Door Lock Types for Your Home

Discover a diverse selection of door lock options suitable for your home. Some major types include:

Twist and Button knob locks

Accessed from a single side, Twist and Button knob locks are prevalent in spaces that demand seclusion. These have a pinhole for key access and are popular inclusions in storage areas, closets, bedrooms, and restrooms.

Sliding door locks

Suitable for folding and wood sliding doors, the Sliding door locks fit flush and offer thumb-turn control. Coin release allows emergency entry, while finger-pull sockets aid door opening from recessed positions.

Deadbolt locks

These rely on thumb turns or keys. Resistant to forced entry, the Deadbolt locks are perfect for fiberglass, steel, or solid wood doors.

Lever Handle sets

These are versatile locks commonly spotted in public buildings, offices, and homes. You can seamlessly integrate them into different structures because of their adaptable appearance.

Designer knob locks

They are keyed door knobs for safety and security. You can use them for patio doors, front doors, and more. Some designs come with buttons for interior locking, whereas others employ twist mechanisms for convenient unlocking and locking.

Cylinder level locks

Easily reconfigurable and hugely common, the cylindrical locks come with latch bolts that you can rekey easily. These go best with disk tumbler latches and water tumblers.

Single-Cylinder locks

User-friendly and highly efficient, the single-cylinder locks have a key slot on one side and a tuning mechanism on the other, usually a thumb-turn lever. They offer easy locking from the inside without requiring the key.

Double-Cylinder Locks

These locks need a key on both sides for locking, accentuating the security.

Mortise Locks

Popular in commercial and residential buildings, the mortise locks have an internal system with cam and set screw components. They come in light- and heavy-duty models, offering reliable security.

Grades and Ratings for Main Door Locks

Pick deadbolts you cannot easily bump or pick to guarantee optimal front door security. Such locks have pick shields or mushroom pins, preventing unauthorized trespassing. Hence, consider the grade and ease of installation when choosing the door locks. Manufacturers test the grade locks based on finish, materials, cycles, strength, and performance.

Lock grades indicate the number of cycles a lock can handle before replacement:

Grade 1: 800,000 cycles

Grade 2: 400,000 cycles

Grade 3: 200,000 cycles

Be wary of the locks that auto-lock when you close the door, and look for locks sans this feature or consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to deactivate it if necessary to avoid unintentional lockouts.

Tips for picking the right door lock type

Before purchasing a lock, ensure it fits your door by measuring the following:

  1. Backset: The distance between the door’s farthest edge and the center of the keyhole. Typically, backsets are either 2 3/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches.
  2. Cross bore (edge bore): The narrow opening along the outer edge of the door frame, usually with a 1-inch diameter.

Keep in mind that exterior doors commonly have a thickness of 1 3/4 inches, while interior doors typically measure 1 3/8 inches in thickness.

Some doubts you may have

Ques 1. Are there any downsides to using smart locks?

Ans. Studies suggest that electronic locks are susceptible to hacking. Further, the risk of being locked out amplifies if the locks’ battery runs out or errors occur.

Ques 2. Which door locks offer the maximum security?

Ans. Different door lock types have their share of pros and cons. You can accentuate the security by combining two or more locks. For instance, instance, pairing deadbolts with chain locks provides optimal safety.

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