Faster Than F1: Exclusive Luxury Electric Hypercar Launches Later This Year

cris ovalle YTk8tO3PGdA unsplash

A 2010 study found that women rated men more attractive when they were standing next to a high-status car. That isn’t the only reason to have a luxury ride, of course, but it doesn’t hurt. Perhaps a flash sports car is more realistic for your next upgrade, but if you had $2.2 million to spend, you might want to consider the upcoming Pininfarina Battista. Marketed as the ‘world’s first pure electric luxury hyper vehicle,’ it would certainly turn heads. 

A select few

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Italian brand Pininfarina, known for its solid relationship with Ferrari. To celebrate, the company is launching a car that it claims is the ‘most powerful road-legal car ever designed and built in Italy,’ reaching 60mph faster than a Formula One car. Production is limited to just 150 units, which will arrive on the market later this year, each with unique trim and color: they are designed to be vehicles of beauty and style.

Customizable luxury

From SUVs to sedans to convertibles, luxury cars are available in a diverse range of models, so a regular guy can easily find a sleek ride that fits in better with his salary. The Battista shares luxury features with other high end models, including leather interiors with ambient lighting, but it also boasts unique features like large touch screens positioned so they can be accessed while your hands remain on the wheel. Pininfarina says the cars will offer opportunities for customization: with interchangeable upholstery and trim, it is thought that each unit will be tailored to the buyer’s demands. The designers rank beauty as one of the primary drives behind the design, and it is clear that this is next-level luxury.

New market appeal

Waiting lists of billionaire car enthusiasts tend to look pretty similar, but the Battista has attracted a new wealthy market that wouldn’t have been interested in a hypercar in the past. New clients are drawn to the green appeal of a powerful electric vehicle that allows them guilt-free luxury. The car is driven by four electric motors and powered by a 120kwh battery, geared to cover up to 280 miles between charges and reach a top speed of 217mph. This will be the most powerful electric vehicle on the market.

Most of us can only dream of a ride as exclusive as the Battista. Luxury cars aren’t out of the question for the ordinary man though, and it’s worth remembering: science says they make us more attractive.