Features That You Should Ask Your QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Provider Before Going For Cloud Solutions

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QuickBooks Enterprise is the finest business solution that has been serving various organizations for about 20 years now. Its unique solutions help industries get the right features at cost-efficient amounts. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is on-premises software employees use on your computers and laptops. However, over the years, as technology has succeeded, and most of the companies have shifted to cloud technology. As cloud technology has been so effective and successful, the public cloud service market has been growing rapidly. However, with a variety of choices, it is a difficult task to find the right cloud service provider to fulfill your hosting needs. Here are a few features that will help you to get the best QuickBooks Hosting provider.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is a set of events and rules set by a company to be followed in the case of a disruptive event. Ask your provider if he has a good continuity plan.  The provider should be able to classify all the dangers that can cause the absence of QuickBooks Enterprise.

Customized Cloud

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the cloud services provider. Some providers often let you choose among their services. However, if you are new to cloud technology, it can be challenging for you to determine which services and resources are good for the business.

Try asking the provider if they offer cloud solutions specific to QuickBooks Enterprise software. Some providers also offer customized solutions to host QuickBooks and also offer add-ons.


Backup is a common feature offered by almost all the hosting service providers. However, there can be variations in the backup plans of the provider. Check with your hosting provider what kind of backup service he is offering. Also, check if the provider is offering an automated backup system as it can help you save your valuable time.

Uptime Guarantee

Most of the service providers promise a good uptime to their customers. But, only the best provider in the market will give you a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. While opting for the hosting service try getting the guarantee from the provider to secure 99.9% uptime. The best hosting provider will provide you with the guarantee as he knows how important uptime is. While hosting QuickBooks, most of the companies also get their other software hosted on the cloud-like office 365. Once the Exchange to Office 365 Migration is completed and both QuickBooks and Office 365 are hosted on the cloud, it becomes very easy to operate it from anywhere at any time.


A reliable customer support process is one of the important qualities of a hosting provider.  The hosting provider should offer a fully loaded technical support system throughout the year and around the clock.

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