Five Sports Bets you should be Backing

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It’s that time of year again when all the major sporting events are played out across the US. Basketball season has finished, but the playoffs and the NBA finals are here to fill the void. The NFL has just kicked off and MLB is in full swing. Fans might not be allowed at the games just yet, but television, radio and internet coverage is helping them to keep up with their teams’ performances.

For many fans, placing a wager on a game makes them more invested in the outcome and can ramp up the excitement. Now that sports betting has been legalized in many states it is even easier to find a respectable place to do so. For example, this list of sportsbooks in New Jersey will help residents place bets on any of their favorite teams. But betting on your team isn’t always the way to win, so if you want to maximize your chances of making a profit, which are the teams you should be placing your money on this year?


The Superbowl is a probably the biggest event in the American sporting calendar. Even casual fans or those who don’t regularly support a team love to get involved in Superbowl events and parties which take place all over the world. Workplaces run sweepstakes as a way to get people involved, but you’ve got to be lucky to end up with the winning team. The season has just started, so odds will change based on how well the teams perform over the next few months, but the experts are already putting their two cents on the line and backing either the Baltimore Ravens or Kansas City Chiefs to win. If the Chiefs manage it, they will become only the eighth team to manage back-to-back wins.

Superbowl winner – Kansas City Chiefs or Baltimore Ravens

With both the Ravens and the Chiefs playing in the AFC conference, they’re also top picks to win their section. Anyone looking for a safer bet might want to take a look at the NFC conference instead, where the New Orleans Saints are many experts’ top pick. And after their opening game against the Buccaneer’s where they left Tom Brady’s new team far behind, I’m sure many people are even more convinced of their strengths.

NFC Conference winner – New Orleans Saints


The ultimate battle between east coast and west coast is played out on a basketball court over seven games. It’s been epic this year, with the entire 22 teams involved isolating inside the NBA Bubble in Florida so that they can play without worrying about coronavirus transmission. While the LA Lakers might be favorites to win, you won’t get much of a return on your bet. The surprise of the postseason has been the success of the LA Clippers, proving what a difference adding a couple of superstars can make to your team. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have lifted the Clippers from a mid-table team into the playoff final, and the Clippers are looking like a good bet to take the title.

NBA Finals outright winner – LA Clippers

Speaking of Leonard, he’s also a top pick for MVP of the tournament, with some experts tipping him to take it away from perennial fan favorite LeBron James. Online sports books give you a huge range of different things to bet on, and sometimes the outcome of a game isn’t the best option. A bet placed on MVP is a bet for a players skill, rather than an in-the-moment performance, and at the moment, smart money is on Leonard.

NBA Finals MVP – Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers


With more than half the season already played, betting tips for the World Series have got a lot of data behind them. Tipsters don’t give last year’s winners, the Washington Nationals, much hope, so it looks like there should be a new champion this year. While many think the great form of the New York Yankees makes them a safe bet, those in the know are putting their money on the Los Angeles Dodgers. They made the finals in 2017 and 2018 and have since strengthened their roster by bringing on board two super pitchers. Everything points to it finally being their year.

World Series Outright Winner – Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s important to remember that betting tips are not guaranteed. While the experts make their predictions based on facts, figures, and experience, we all know that anything can happen to upset the odds. If you choose to place a bet on a game, please do so sensibly, and remember, it’s all supposed to be just a little bit of extra fun.