Five Ways To Upgrade Your Truck’s Bumper


Although you might not spend a great deal of time thinking about it, your truck’s bumper is an essential part of its overall design.  Bumpers protect your vehicle and keep you guarded against environmental hazards. Damage prevention is a good thing, but sometimes you can add a little bit of something extra to your bumper that can really benefit your truck in the long run. Whether you’re looking to replace a battered old bumper or merely upgrade to a hitch (or other bumper accessories), there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are five ideas for upgrading your truck’s bumper.

Go With A Standard New Bumper

Sometimes, nothing beats the classics! A standard bumper offers protection and a streamlined look for your truck. Bumpers also block extraneous flying debris that might otherwise make a nice impact on your vehicle as you drive. Moreover, it’ll absorb the shock from an impact with another vehicle or other object. Ensure your bumper is up to proper safety standards and decide on whether you’re going to update your front bumper, rear bumper, or both.

Get A Hitch

Hiking. Biking. Towing. Hauling. Camping. These and other activities are the domain of the adventurous truck driver. Hitches are an understated accessory that helps greatly in these pursuits. Adding a trailer hitch is one of those simple modifications that makes a world of difference. There are many kinds of hitches including the standard ball mount, a weight distribution hitch, a fifth wheel hitch, a gooseneck hitch, and more that can fit a variety of different vehicles.

Install A Winch

When you need to get out of a tight spot or do some heavy duty work, a winch is a great tool. At its core, a winch is simply a device with a built-in cable that can either let out or bring in the cable at the user’s discretion. A spool of wire or cable winds around a drum which can be auto or hand cranked to allow it to be spooled out the recovered. Winch cables have a ton of tensile strength. A typical cable might be able to handle 9,000 or even 10,000 pounds. It’s useful for towing and many other off-road applications. They’re also easy to install and give your truck a rugged, classic look. When it comes to upgrading your vehicle with awesome truck parts, going for a winch on either your front or back bumper is a pragmatic—and ultimately beneficial—accessory to have. 

Install A Skid Plate

When you’re looking to reinforce the plating of your vehicle, look no further than the humble skid plate. A skid plate is located on the underside of a vehicle. Acting as a sort of truck armor, a skid plate protects the underside of your vehicle from damage as it rolls along. This means it can be very valuable when you’re going off-road, on a road trip, or traveling through a mountainous / forested region. Skid plates offer protection from flying rocks and other issues that might be underneath your vehicle as you drive. They also look pretty great amid the chrome finish of your vehicle chassis. Installing a skid plate or upgrading to a stronger one can help you keep your truck in good shape as you roll along the highway each and every day.

Add An LED Light Bar


Driving at night—especially in a country setting—isn’t always convenient. When street lights and the nightly illumination of the city are distant, you’ll be glad you had the wherewithal and foresight to install an LED light bar. Light bars aren’t just flashy or for show. They can be a useful way to light up an area or help warn other motorists of potential road hazards. LED lights are long-lasting and powerful, making them ideal for everyday use in your vehicle. They’re also pretty bright, making them ideal for camping out with your truck or driving at night.  You can also get a front bumper with fog lights or other lighting installed, giving you the best of both worlds.