It’s A New Whisky Flavor — Boobs! (NSFW)

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Our pals over at have kept us, ahem, abreast of an extremely important development in the world of drinking … and chicks. Some clever German perverts entrepreneurs have come up with a tangy new flavor to compliment the vanilla, toffee, dried fruit, and roasted almond notes already in their G-Spirit whisky. That flavor? Boobs.

Model boobs, to be exact. According to the perverts folks at G-Spirit, every ounce is poured down the naked chest of 2012 Playmate of the Year Alexa Varga before being bottled. That’s why the whisky — they’re also doing the same thing with vodka and run — costs a hefty 139 euros, or about $180 without shipping costs. (Though it could also be argued that it should be discounted since it kind of amounts to dirty bath water.) We assume pouring endless amounts of whiskey down one’s chest can cause skin abnormalities, so only 5,000 bottles are up for sale. After that you’re stuck consuming G-Spirit’s boob-free whiskey, which is a mere 127 euros ($165) per bottle.

Anyway, whether you think the perverts dudes behind the idea are geniuses or total, uh, boobs, you should still watch their NSFW promotional video when nobody’s around.