Hazards Faced by Long Haul Truck Drivers

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All jobs have their good and bad points. Being a long truck driver can be an enjoyable career for those who like to drive, travel to new places, and meet new people. The job is extremely well paid, and this is one of the most significant plus points.

However, like many other jobs, truck driving has its downsides, and some of them can be pretty distressing. In fact, a few years ago, truck driving was declared the most dangerous occupation in the USA.

So, the next time you put fuel in your car or eat a bowl of cereal, spare a thought for the guys who helped transport these products to you. Here are x hazards faced by long-haul truck drivers.

Physical Injury

Because truck drivers spend most of their lives on the road, they are at high risk of being involved in a road accident, whether it be caused by them or other drivers. A semi-truck accident lawyer should deal with any accidents to prevent further unnecessary stress.

One of the most common injuries among truck drivers are those resulting from falls out of truck doors as they can be dangerously high off the ground. A driver can easily lose their footing in wet weather when climbing up the ladder into the truck cabin.

Trucks are huge, heavy pieces of machinery, and maneuvering or lifting any part of them can cause physical trauma. Drivers can even be crushed between truck cabins and cargo wagons when attempting to disengage them from each other.


Fatigue is one of the biggest problems faced by long-haul truck drivers, as driving such long distances for prolonged periods of time can be extremely draining. Fortunately, laws are in place to prevent truckers from driving for too long, and these should be adhered to as many accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Drivers should take short, frequent stops to rest, and if they feel sleepy, should stop in a safe place and take a nap.

Chemical Hazards

Many trucks carry cargo such as toxic chemicals and substances that can explode if driving conditions create a suitable atmosphere for them to do so. Drivers are in danger of burns, skin irritation, and poisoning from inhaling chemical fumes and carbon monoxide from the truck’s exhaust. In extreme cases, inhaling toxic substances or being caught in an explosion can cause death.

Health Problems

Aside from skin conditions and breathing problems caused by being in contact with toxic chemicals, truck drivers are susceptible to other health problems.

Drivers can develop back problems from sitting in the same position for long periods, as well as sore legs, painful finger joints, and locked knees. It is vital that drivers wear sunglasses with a UV filter because their eyes can become damaged from driving towards the glaring sun all day.

Many drivers become obese, develop diabetes and high blood pressure because of their sedentary lifestyle. Being away from home and home-cooked meals can be hazardous as many truckers are prone to eating fast food laden with sugar and fat. Boredom and loneliness can cause them to develop bad habits such as smoking or devouring bags full of candy.

No job is without danger, and truck driving needn’t be dangerous if drivers follow all safety procedures correctly. Industry would come to a standstill without truck drivers – they are an example of life’s heroes.