How long does it take to get DNA test results?

Those strands that determine who and often times what we are.

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When we watch most crime shows, we hear the investigators ask the forensic guys talk about if the perpetuator left any DNA behind. We hear about cases been resolved after years of searching for information and clues because DNA testing was done, and the criminal was caught, or an innocent man was freed. Also, lots of people have walked away from being prosecuted for a crime because there was not sufficient evidence like their DNA at the scene to tie them to the crime.

There is also the way we look. DNA determines to how we turn out when we are born and also as we grow. Do we look like our dads or moms? Do we have black hair, brown hair, ginger or blond? Are our eye color blue, green, brown? All this genetic information is carried by our DNA and the decision is out of our hands even though we would want to choose these characteristics ourselves.

Another interesting fact about dna is who we are. Well, although some people disagree, it has been argued that our dna since it is a carrier of genetic information largely determines who we become. There are ongoing arguments plus a myriad of science fiction movies that back the conclusion that our dna determines if we become successful, a criminal or just ordinary. Some have said, in our dna we carry the potential to be just what we have been programmed to be and it cannot be changed.

DNA which means deoxyribonucleic acid is a self-replicating material that is present in most all living organisms, animals, humans, plants etc. It is also the carrier of genetic information that ensures a human reproduces another human and not something else like a rose. It’s composition of our dna is in two chains that coil around each other to form a double helix whose job is to carry genetic instructions which are used in the development, growth, reproduction and functioning of all known organisms plus a number of known viruses. It was first isolated by a Swiss physician in 1869 called Friedrich Miescher.

So, we know what it is and how long ago it was discovered. Now, we ask, how is it tested? What are the best dna tests out there? How long does a dna test take? How long will it take me to get my results?

When most people here of dna test, we think paternity test. Well, not off the mark because it is the most common form of dna testing there is, although there are other forms of dna testing available. The wait period between when the samples are received, and the delivery of results will largely depend on how complex the case is and the dna testing service you desire. Notwithstanding, for a standard test e.g. testing a child against one father, once all relevant samples are received, most results can be delivered between 1-2 business days due to the simplicity of the testing. But, in the case where for example a paternity test is been conducted against two possible fathers who are related say brothers, an extended dna marker test would have to be carried out in other to arrive at a more accurate and conclusive test result. Test results might not be available as quickly as a standard test due to the complexity of this case.

Like we have said before, the complexity of the case will determine how long before the results will be available, so in the case of an ancestry test, which is carried out to determine exactly where your ancestors come from, i.e. do you have some Indian chief in your family line? This might take up to 6-14 weeks before result is available due to the various comparisons that would have to be carried out between your dna and a sample of known and identified dna markers to accurately determine your family line.

Also, there are dna test conducted for the basis of checking the soundness of your health. There are different dna test can check for the presence of diseases in our bodies like Alzheimer’s, cancers etc. Remember, we said dna carries genetic information, so some of these conditions or diseases are actually hereditary so they exist in our dna. The normal waiting times for these types of health and fitness dna test is between 2-8 weeks depending on how complex the test carried out should be.

We know some futuristic science fiction movies or even books, tell us or show us devices that can scan samples of dna material and return test results immediately, not matter what kind of results it is. Well, in the real world there are wait times for the return of dna testing which could range between 1 day to as much as 14 weeks depending on the complexity of the test required and now accurate the result wanted should be. So, no matter the test and result wanted for as long as it is from an organism that has dna like your dog, you could have a pet test carried out to accurately trace the family line of your pet, there will be an estimated wait time for delivery of the results to you.

The test results can be delivered through your email, you could choose to pick it up in person or it could be delivered through your mail, if you so choose. Just remember that, since it is sensitive information, choose a medium that protects that information from people who are not supposed to have access to it. So, be it 1-2days or 6-14 weeks before the delivery of your dna test results, it all depends of the complexity of the DNA test been carried out, when the relevant samples have been delivered and received by the lab but you are sure your results will fall within this given times we have stated.