How to Apply Beard Oil for Beginners?

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Have you just started growing a beard? If so, chances are you aren’t familiar with the best ways of looking after your beard. You might be thinking about how to ensure that your beard is well cleansed and moisturized. 

Beard oil is commonly used to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your beard to keep it healthy. It’s usually made from a mixture of base oils and essential oils. Using top rated beard oils will keep your skin free from getting irritated and itchiness, especially when you shave, making beard oil a vital part of your grooming routine. 

If you’re just getting into beard oil, you can use it once a day after your shower in the morning to keep your beard moisturized all day. However, if you feel that your beard needs more oil over time, you should try to apply it at least twice a day; once after you shower in the morning then at night before you go to sleep. Next thing you’ll know, it will become a part of your grooming routine, and you’ll notice how it will significantly affect your beard.

How do you apply beard oil? This is a question many men ask themselves but feel coy about asking around for fear of being ridiculed. Here is a simple detailed guide on the steps of applying beard oil. 

Use the Appropriate Amount of Beard Oil 

Determining the amount of beard oil you need is the first step. Beard oil usually comes in small bottles, and it may vary depending on the brand, but it’s size typically range from one up to three ounces of fluid. Each brand uses unique pouring techniques, and pouring some on your palm shouldn’t be rocket science. However, it can be tricky, and the goal is not to waste any when you pour beard oil on your palms. This process is quite straightforward, and it’s essential not to use too much beard oil. 

There are two factors that you need to consider to determine the amount of oil to use, and these are the thickness and length of your beard. Here is the recommended amount of beard oil that you should use depending on how long and thick your beard is:

  • New beard up to a month old –  3 to 4 drops
  • 1 – 3 months old – 4 to 6 drops
  • 3 – 12 months old – 6 to 10 drops
  • One year old or more – 10 drops and as much needed

Nevertheless, the amount of beard oil that you can pour mentioned above are just a guide on the ideal amount of beard oil you should use. Over time, you will get to discover what amount of beard oil is ideal through trial and error. 

Apply Beard Oil Evenly 

You need first to work the beard oil into your skin, then proceed to spread it onto your beard. After pouring beard oil on your palms, rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly. You can start applying the oil from the area below your chin using your fingertips. Gently massage the oil into your beard, cover root to top, and ensure that you reach your skin to moisturize it as well as beard oil can be beneficial in helping your roots to become healthy and strong.

Put your hands up from the bottom of your beard as you continue to spread it evenly. You can brush your hands on the sides of your head; you can also do the same for the bottom and front part of your beard.  Also, avoid overlooking your mustache as it is also a part of your beard. If you have leftover beard oil in your hands, you can apply it in your chest hair, and you can also run your hands through your scalp.

Comb Your Beard

Combing your heard makes it easier to spread the beard oil evenly. It’s worthwhile to comb your beard as it has many benefits such as it keeps hair away from your mouth, line them up to make your beard look fuller, and it prevents ingrown hair.

Combs usually have smaller teeth, which is the ideal one for brushing a mustache. However, it will be easier to glide through your beard if the comb you’re using has a wider tooth. If you have a long beard, you can use a wooden comb, whereas a brush is a better option for short beards. You can start from the bottom of your beard, and after you have separated the hairs to give your beard a fuller look, you can comb downwards to style it depending on your preference.


Beard oil plays a vital role in ensuring your beard and skin is moisturized. It also helps make sure your roots are healthy and well-conditioned. Therefore, you can consider incorporating beard oil into your grooming routine and enjoy the benefits of using one.