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Vaping is an example of great technological advancement. No exaggeration, a vape pen has become a revolutionary product on the market. Partially, because this invention is a real step forward to a new technological era. Partially, because nobody could even imagine possible harms at that time.

Since the time vape pens appeared on the market, the devices have gone through a number of changes. Manufacturers did everything they could to optimize the production cost and to make the goods easy to sell. In addition, the consumers set their demands so that the producers could please them.

Technologies are getting better with each year and the vaping industry is not an exception. Specialists in various spheres experiment to make the life of vapers more practical, convenient, and technological. Like other spheres of life in our post-modern era, vaping successfully merges with other industries.


1. 510 thread batteries

The development of this technology is a glaring example of vape pens evolution. When people sparkled interest in cannabis and the possibilities to consume it via vaping devices, 510 thread vape pens appeared. This term was developed by the company that produced the technology first. In fact, it can refer to any battery that has 510 threading. So when people say “best 510 thread vape pen” they mean the vaping device containing such type of battery.

The reasons for these batteries to be so popular include the properties that they give to a particular vape pen. 510 thread vape pens are extremely light in weight and, thus, portable. The other beneficial point is that connection is solid and the device functions perfectly. The battery itself has a longer life and the user does not need to waste money on the batteries often. The other advantage is that a vape pen has a cross-compatibility, which means that you can use a wide range of atomizers.

The best 510 thread battery for cartridges are recommended for oils. The majority of 510 thread battery users are cannabis consumers. In fact, many people use it to take CBD – medical marijuana. The general recommendations for 510 thread battery use include starting slowly, taking small puffs, doing breaks so that it becomes easier to understand your dosage. However, the more specific instructions depending on the cartridge you use.

2. Voice-Activated Devices

The fourth generation of vaping devices is equipped with a system of voice recognition. It is a new trend to buy voice-activated mods, where you can also choose a unique illumination. In fact, this is more about trends and fashion than about the functional decision. On the other hand, the technology of voice recognition can be quite useful is you want to set up the device so that only you can use it, the technology might be quite beneficial.

3. Bluetooth Enabled Devices

Bluetooth technology is not brand new, but the extreme popularity of the devices enabled with Bluetooth has boomed recently. Though people got used to being able to share photos, music, and other files via Bluetooth, tracking their pulse, movement, places of shopping and other things seemed to be a great advance recently.

For the vaping industry, Bluetooth technology is still impressive, though they work in a very similar way fitness trackers do. If you connect your vape pen to a smartphone and use the specially developed app, it allows you to control the time you spend vaping, the amount of nicotine you consume, and can help to correct your vaping habit.

In addition, the user can use Bluetooth technology to lock the device and prevent other people from using the device. It is quite a useful option, especially if you do not live alone, or there are small children in the house. Such technology can also record the total sum of time spent with the device, which can help if you want to quit.


It is difficult to predict the future and, probably, only very exclusive people can. Still, we might do some prognosis for the future. The recent lockdown is positive for the vaping industry. Even though some people try to cut expenses because many have lost their jobs and the level of unemployment is only growing, vaping is an addictive thing and people cannot easily give it up. Lockdown has shown that when you cannot get out daily to buy cigarettes, you can always use your vape pen with an e-liquid you have stored.


To sum up, the vaping industry is a progressive business that does not want to lose clients and needs to attract new customers. It is clear that vape pens differ from cigarettes and people will not buy a new vape pen daily. This is why it is important for the manufacturer to make up new technologies, which will make people want them. For example, the best 510 vape pen works longer than many other vape pens based on other batteries.

However, it allows users to use a wider range of cartridges, which automatically makes people want to buy more cartridges. It simply looks like a cheaper option, because you buy a more expensive device once and then you can buy only a new cartridge, not a new vape pen. For those, who have planned using various cartridges it is cheaper, indeed. But those, who do it only because of the interest and because this opportunity now exists, waste money they planned to save aside.

New technologies are always about optimizing certain functions, which means evolution. Therefore, massive experiments and research that scientists do are tremendously important for the industry as such. People are interested in getting new, better products and manufacturers are interested in selling them and getting profit. This is the market law. Unfortunately, we all still tend to consumerism, and buying a new flavor or cartridge can make us happier for a while.