How To Break Up With A Girl

How To Break Up With A Woman

Method: Make her do it
Appropriate For: A woman you’ve dated for at least six months

Remember how committed you once were to making her think you were the most amazing boyfriend of all time? Well, do the opposite: Pick meaningless fights, be emotionally unavailable, don’t compliment her, and cease all thoughtful gestures (goodnight calls, suffering through chick flicks, saying “I love you” unprompted, showing her any PDA). Women are like relationship seismographs; we closely monitor even subtle shifts in couple tectonics. So if you act like that long enough, she will eventually want to discuss what’s going on. When she approaches you, it’s okay to be apologetic, but don’t go into details about why you’re sorry for whatever it is you did or didn’t do. It may take weeks or even a few months, but she’ll eventually be so fed up with you that she’ll determine you’re not worthy of her and ditch you. Conventional wisdom says this is a dick move. But I asked Fleming anyway because I’m a journalist, and to my disappointment she said this was okay because “the guy gets to not feel like an asshole and the woman walks away feeling empowered.”