How To Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment

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Lifting weights can be a hectic activity, and not everyone can dedicate themselves to doing it to build their muscles. It might seem like the only option, but there are other ways to build your muscles.

Many home exercises can be considered and require little exertion in performing them. Your muscles can still grow even without using any equipment and constantly working out at home. This is by following a fitness plan in performing activities that stimulate the muscles in the same way as lifting weights. You can get a fitness plan of your choice online, like what offers, and follow it to build your muscles at home.

The following highlights how to build muscles at home without using any equipment:

  1. Do Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are effective for building muscles. They work by using one’s body weight to offer resistance, hence assisting in increasing their strength.

  • Pull-Ups And Push-Ups

These are effective if you want to build your upper body muscles without using any gym equipment. Fitness specialists typically recommend one to complete high repetitions at a significant difficulty level. They further say that muscle growth can be achieved by performing around 6 to 12 repetitions, using about 67% to 85% of the maximum resistance one can manage.

Push-ups focus on the triceps and chest, but they also give your core muscles, shoulders, lower back, and lower body a workout.

Pull-ups can be pretty intimidating to beginners. This exercise focuses on working out your upper back, shoulders, and biceps. Starting with a few repetitions and working your way up can guarantee muscle growth.

  • Plank-Ups

Performing any form of plank exercise can give you more muscular arms. Specifically, plank-ups are effective for strengthening your arms’ bicep and tricep muscles. Plank-ups also exercise your core, giving it some workout and ensuring muscle growth in the core muscles.

  • Inchworms

This is a fun and creepy-crawly exercise that makes you feel like a little kid again while strengthening your shoulders, triceps, abdominal muscles, chest, quads, and glutes.

  • Squats

These exercises are effective for building one’s leg muscles. It’s an ideal workout for building muscles in the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Some health publications describe how performing squats creates an anabolic environment within one’s body. The environment promotes muscle-building throughout your whole body, hence generating muscle mass.

  • Dips

Dips allow you to build the muscles of your arms. Dips are excellent movements in building your triceps’ strength, size, and power. Some dip variations within your training program can allow you to develop the muscle group of your arms, improving your pressing strength.

  • Crunches

Crunches are known to offer an intense workout to your abdominal muscles, strengthening your core and assisting you in achieving a toned muscular look. Meanwhile, sit-ups build more than just your abdominal muscles. They also contribute to building muscle groups in your hip flexors, chest, lower back, and neck.

  1. Get Fit By Swimming

Swimming is a type of exercise often recommended for its minimal impact and is kind to your joints. It comes with many health benefits. Despite not being as strenuous as weightlifting, swimming can assist you in gaining muscle mass. However, muscle growth won’t develop as quickly as it would by using weights.

  1. Practice Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s known to have numerous benefits to men, women, and even kids. Yoga might look like a relaxing kind of exercise, but it allows the strengthening of your muscles. All you have to do is grab a mat and start the stretching exercises.

  1. Eat More Proteins

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which act as building blocks for muscle tissues, assisting you to develop and maintain lean muscles. Eating more protein is known to encourage muscle growth without leading one to the weight rack. Some excellent protein sources include turkey, chicken, eggs, tofu, and lentils. 

  1. Do Suspension Training

Suspension training features the use of straps and ropes to suspend one’s body, productively working against your body weight. This type of exercise is ideal for people struggling with back pain. This training has been proven effective in creating muscle activity more than the floor version of the exercise.


Building muscles is mainly attributed to weightlifting. However, there are many exercises you can perform to build your muscles without using any equipment at home. Your body weight is enough to help you achieve a strong body with a toned muscular look. The outline presented here can take you through some muscle-building exercises you can do at home without any equipment used.