3 Weight Lifting Routines For Men

weight lifting routines for menSummer is approaching quickly, and you should be ready to bare your chest whether you’re at the beach, doing yard work, or just lounging around shirtless because you can. Here are some weight lifting routines for men that will help you get the definition that will make the ladies double-take.

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A dumb bell weight lifting routine is the fastest way to build up your muscle mass to get yourself noticed. This equipment might only require a few repetitions if you use heavy weights. Dumb bells offer a concentrated workout.

1. Lay down on your back on a bench so you can lift dumb bells from the floor to your chest. Face the ceiling with your arms stretched out to your sides. Lift the bar bell 10 times to your chest. Determine the best weight to make the last 3 reps start to burn. Repeat for the other arm.

2. The standard dumb bell routine is to lift right in front of you. Sit down with firm back support. Start with the barbell resting in your palm on your lap facing you. Lift up. You can probably handle about 30 repetitions.

3. Stand up straight. Hold the barbell behind you with your elbow pointing upwards. Lift your arm until it is straight up. Do 10 reps.

These 3 routines will work different muscle groups to help you look and feel great. Work different muscle groups on varying days. It is wise to let your muscles relax in between workouts.

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