8 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring Preference

#2. Find Out What She Prefers
“Ultimately you have to figure it out on your own,” said Eric of his ring-shopping experience. “But you have to keep her in mind, and not yourself, when you’re looking for a ring.”

While you are making the tough budgetary decisions, the ring really is about her preferences. Eric took his fiancée with him when he first started shopping and let her choose her favorite ring. Then he went back and got it. While this dulled the surprise, it did prevent him from getting yelled at, which is the key to any good relationship, really.

“I didn’t want to get her a ring that she would be pretending she liked,” said Comstock. “I let her choose the ring because I wanted her to be happy with it. I want her to want to wear it.”

Lewis says that is a good strategy. However, if you want more of a surprise, he says the most important thing is to know whether she prefers white or yellow gold. “Design matters less than color,” Lewis said. “But, get an idea of what her jewelry looks like. Are they solid, simple pieces or very intricate and detailed? Her ring preferences will likely mirror her other jewelry tastes.”

Consider custom design if you’d like to incorporate two designs or if she has very specific likes, Lewis said.