How To Choose The Best Watches For Every Type Of Outfit

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The art of choosing a watch to wear requires a mindful and tactful strategy. For one, you need to be aware of the event or setting that you’re attending so you can determine the kind of watch to wear. Not only is a watch an important tool for telling the time, but it’s also a fashion accessory and one that tells a tale about your unique personality, thereby making a statement on your behalf. 

First impressions can sometimes be the door that opens countless opportunities, so make sure to find the right kind by checking out a reputable blog that’ll provide helpful advice, such as That being said, here are several different types of watches and outfits so you can choose the perfect watch for the occasion:

  1. Formal Wear

Formal wear is the type of outfit that requires a suit and tie, such as a wedding, dinner date, or funeral. This is the kind of occasion that makes you whip out the suit that effortlessly hugs your body, allowing you to walk upright in confidence. Just as you would put in the effort to find the right belt and shoes for the suit, you have to be equally careful about the type of mens watches you choose as this can make or break your style and statement. 

Formal wear requires a dress watch. This is the kind of watch that has a plain face, usually accompanied by black leather and only shows minutes, seconds, and, sometimes, the date. A dress watch doesn’t have overbearing designs and colors as it aims to infuse with the suit. 

  1. Business Dress

Business dress helps command your presence at a business meeting, an interview, or at a conference. When you give that business handshake, your watch communicates on your behalf. A diver’s watch is suitable for this type of outfit. 

A diver’s watch is originally designed for underwater diving. The appealing feature that compliments the business dress is the classic, thin dial style, which is simple and effortless. Make sure to match the color of the bands with your belt and shoes to avoid color mixing. 

  1. Business Casual

Not all business gatherings demand professional and upright disposition. You might find yourself at an event where although business strategies are being discussed, the setting is laid back and less uptight compared to a board-meeting. This is where you can wear your best pair of jeans accompanied by a suit jacket and formal shoes. 

In such a casual setting, you can wear a pilot watch. A pilot watch is large, has a thick dial, and is easy it read. It was originally designed for pilots to place on top of their pilot’s jackets. 

Alternatively, you can choose a field watch as they’re versatile watches designed for active duty in the military. The numerals are largely similar to the pilot watch, making it easy to read. 

Most field watches are of green or white color, which means that your outfit must compliment these colors. As a tip, wearing a mustard-colored pair of jeans might not work as much as wearing a black or blue pair of jeans. 

  1. Casual

Life isn’t all about constantly making serious decisions and strategies. You must include fun and play for a balanced lifestyle, which is where casual outfits come in. 

Whether you’re having drinks, out with your family catching a movie, or just simply enjoying a stroll in the park, you can complement your casual outfit with any watch that has a metal band or a digital watch. 

  1. Sports Event

Sports watches are designed for sports players as these can be paired well with multiple types of sporting gear available. Sports watches are also made from a material that doesn’t get damaged while you engage in your sporting activity. 

This is the reason why it’s not recommended to play tennis with a dress watch because the ball can crack your watch. 

Closing Tips

Remember to always choose a watch that goes with the color of your belt and shoes. Also, leather must compliment leather, so try to avoid wearing a sports watch when you’re wearing a leather belt and carrying a leather briefcase. Generally, rubber and plastic materials are regarded as casual dress, which means that a plastic watch can’t fit in a formal event. 

Whether you’re dressed formally, casually, for business, or sports, there’s a perfect watch for each event and attire. Make sure to familiarize yourself with watches that’ll dress you for your occasions and help you communicate your statement.