How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

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How do you do it? Head to a specialty running store to have someone do it for you. (They may have you jog barefoot on a treadmill scan your feet, so make sure your feet are less disgusting than usual.) After analyzing the scan, someone who knows what he or she is doing will suggest some running shoes. It’s quick, painless, almost always free, and totally worth it. However, for hardcore DIY types, try this: Lay a dry towel (a dark color works well) out on a flat surface and get your feet wet. Take a few steps back and run/jog forward, across the towel lengthwise. Try to leave a couple of foot imprints on the towel.

An imprint of your entire foot — little or no arch curve — indicates over-pronation and a need for mild to moderate arch support. A distinct curve connecting your heel and forefoot indicates mild under-pronation and a need for neutral to mild support shoes. And a thin or non-existent line connecting the heel to forefoot normally indicates significant under-pronation (supination) in which case, a neutral shoe is likely your best choice.