How To Cure Hiccups

how to cure hiccups
The hiccups are easily the stupidest thing that happens to your body (other than the aging process). And while we’re sure you’ve gotten several equally stupid suggestions for how to cure hiccups, we’re going to suggest some less stupid remedies that’ll work just as well or better.

To show that we’re not just BSing, we’re going to drop some hiccup-cure science on you. The trick is to disrupt the hiccup cycle by over-stimulating the vagus nerve in your throat, or to interfere with your breathing to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. And you don’t need to hold your breath, stand on one leg, and rub your stomach with one hand while you pat your head with the other for that to happen.


How To Cure Hiccups swallow honey1. SWALLOW HONEY
Swallowing a spoonful of honey or sugar might overwhelm the mouth with a sweet flavor and calm the irritated vagus nerve. If the sweet overload doesn’t solve the problem, try going with something sour like a lemon.

Hold your nose and close your mouth for as long as you can so your body becomes preoccupied with getting rid of the carbon dioxide buildup in your blood. Obviously, if you feel lightheaded, stop … although to be fair, if you pass out and crack your skull on the floor, chances are your hiccups will be gone.

Another option is to press down on the soft spots behind your ears. Pressure in these areas will signal your diaphragm to relax and to stop hiccupping. Try it for 30 seconds.