Retro 1980s Stuff You Can Still (And Totally Should) Own


What’s old is new again, right? Well, not really. Bellbottoms gave it the old city┬ácollege try and so did the popped collar. But some things, even antiquated video games, board games, and shoes, deserve another go-around. Like, for example, Michael Jordan’s Nike sneakers, Game Boys, and Garbage Pail Kids. That’s right, Garbage Pail Kids.

Cool 1980s Stuff You Can Own

air jordan retro 1
Jordan Men’s Air Retr0 1 ($150 and up @

Originally released in 1985, but let’s not split the Air Jordan 6 introduced the Jumpman logo. These retro Jordans are great for ballers or dudes who can’t ball worth a damn but still like wearing badass shoes.



Simon games#2. Simon ($20 @

Simon, the vintage electronic memory game, has undergone a few updates since the 1980s. Namely, being reintroduced with mini touch screens in place of its big colorful buttons. Still, the level of difficulty remains high and if someone older than 30 sees it in your home they’ll certainly ask to play it.