How To Dress for Dating Success

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Let the kind of date you’re going on help determine your wardrobe. This sounds obvious, but so many guys blow it.

For drinks at a bar you want to dress as you would for a casual-yet-elegant night out. Don’t wear anything you’d be ashamed to be photographed in. This means a decent pair of dress pants or hole-less jeans and a button-down shirt with a collar or a polo shirt. A nice pair of shoes or non-white sneakers (they better be new and stylish) is also a must.

No flip-flops. You are not Jack Johnson

For an evening at a nicer restaurant or event, dress as you would for an important job interview. (That’s essentially what this is.) The two of you are determining whether you have a future together and you want to put your best (dressed) foot forward.

When she thinks of you after the first date, she is going to picture you in your first-date clothes. Present her with an image she would like to see again and again.

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