How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney


Dealing with a personal injury case can be stressful. Talking to multiple doctors, getting treatment, and dealing with potential emotional trauma can be difficult enough. Things can get even more complicated when you bring the law into play.

If you’ve never had to deal with a personal injury before, you may not know how to handle the legal part of your journey. Doctors and support from family and friends are important, but having the right representation matters far before your day in court.

Want to know how to find an experienced attorney that can get you the help you need? If you need a good personal injury attorney, make sure you look for these important factors.

Don’t Focus on Price

Cost can be a big factor for people that need legal representation. Money may be a little tight because of your injury, or maybe it isn’t even a worry for you. Regardless of your money situation, don’t assume that hourly rates and fees have anything to do with how competent a lawyer is.

You could find a high-priced lawyer that flawlessly represents you in court and gives you everything you need. It’s also possible that your high-priced lawyer only glances at your case because they’re so busy with other clients.

On the flip side, an affordable lawyer could represent you well in court or you may not be happy with their work. Prices and rates don’t have anything to do with a lawyer’s expertise or their ability to win a case. That’s why you need to think about other factors when you’re deciding on a lawyer.

Read Reviews

Reviews have become such an important part of how people determine which goods and services to use. If you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant before you read reviews, you shouldn’t hire a lawyer without learning what people have to say about them.

General sites like Yelp and Google My Business are a great way to learn about what it would be like to work with a chosen lawyer. There are even niche sites that only review other lawyers.

When you’re reading these reviews, don’t focus on whether or not the lawyer was able to win their case. Think about what qualities you want the most in the lawyer and see if they come through in reviews.

Did people say that one attorney was very kind and encouraged open communication? Was there a review that mentioned that they felt like they didn’t get the attention they needed? These comments will mean everything when the time comes to choose.

Find Your Niche

In truth, the term “personal injury” attorney is an umbrella term. If you want to find an attorney that can really help your case, find one that has experience with your injury.

Did you hurt your back and shoulder after slipping on an icy sidewalk? Look for an attorney that deals with slip and fall cases. Are you struggling with injuries and insurance problems because a driver fled the scene of an accident? Take the time to find an attorney with experience with hit-and-run cases.

Finding that expertise can make all of the difference in your case. Knowing the law is one thing, but having professional experience arguing similar cases can help you get the restitution you deserve.

Talk About Your Goals

If you could snap your fingers and transport yourself to the day your case is decided, what outcome would you want?

Some people may simply want their medical bills covered, and others may want more money to compensate for what they lost due to their injury. You may want an outcome that limits someone’s ability to cause the same harm to a different person.

Regardless of the outcome you want, make sure to talk to potential attorneys about what you want to see. Finding someone that has been able to get similar outcomes from previous clients could be your best choice.

It’s important to note that a lawyer that doesn’t give you the answer you want could still be the right one to handle your case. Your expectations for the trial may be a bit off, and having a lawyer that has realistic goals could be just what you need.

Ask Who Will Handle Your Case

Some practices may have one or two lawyers that divide up casework. Other established and experienced firms like could have a variety of lawyers that can handle your case.

When you’re dealing with large law firms, it’s possible that the person you end up speaking with may not be the person who handles your case.

As long as you trust the law firm you can trust all of the people there. However, if you’d prefer to work with the same person from start to finish, it’s okay to ask this during the intake process.

Come Prepared

Don’t make the mistake of coming to your first meeting with only a vague description of the accident. The more information lawyers have about your case, the better they’ll be at determining if theyre the right ones to handle it.

Do you have any eyewitness statements from people that saw the injury take place? Can you come with any medical records or notes from doctors that provide valuable information about your state of health?

If you don’t have anything that we listed, don’t worry. They help find the right lawyer, but they aren’t a requirement. Just be sure to bring all information you have to your initial meeting so you can find the right representation.

Representation Matters, Find Yours Today

If you want to get the best outcome possible for your case, we can’t stress enough that the right representation matters. If you prepare the right info, look at reviews, and think about your ideal outcome, you’ll find the right lawyer to handle your case.

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