How to Get Past the Velvet Rope At A Club

Get past the bouncers and into the clubHow To Get Into A Club Hassle-Free

It’s Friday, 11 p.m., and you’re ready to hit the town for an epic night out.

Do you want to spend the next three hours waiting in line? Or do you want to get right down to the more important business of buying rounds of champagne for women who are named after foreign sports cars?

Our money’s on the latter, but unfortunately for those of you who don’t roll with an A-list entourage, the hottest spots often come with the longest lines — and the establishments that don’t make you wait aren’t even worth your time.

With just a few tricks, however, you’ll be able to avoid the indignity of the never-ending, unmoving club line.

Dress the Part (Read: Not Like A Slob)

You have a new mantra and it is as follows: no T-shirts, no sandals, no chains. To repeat: No T-shirts — not even that “nice” $200 T-shirt.

It doesn’t matter how much a T-shirt costs. It’s still a sleeve-deficient shirt.

No sandals — even if they’re leather, and even if they’re your idea of summer chic. You will not be club-ready if your toenails are exposed to air.

Stick to simple pieces: a blazer or button-down shirt (not worn together, though, unless you want to look like you’re headed back to the office) with nice jeans (as in, dark-washed denim that has no rips or holes) and casual loafers usually do the trick.