Insane Things People Wear on Motorcycles [Photos]

Weird, Funny, and Bizarre Stuff Motorcyslists Wear

Photos: Amazing Things People Wear While Riding Motorcycles

Many motorcyclists gear up in leather or ballistic nylon jackets reinforced with armor, boots, and full-faced helmets before they saddle up. But many more do not. Some maniacs have no hesitation hopping on their sport bikes and screaming down the highway at over 100 mph wearing nothing but a tank top, jorts, and sneakers. (These fellas are called “squids” by other bikers — it derives from “squirrelly kid” — and “organ donors” by doctors in ERs who routinely see them wheeled in.)

But then there are a select few bikers who wear such bizarre shit when they ride that they defy categorization. Improvised headgear, backpacks from video games, deadly assault weapons, female passengers who’ve forgotten to wear pants — motorcyclists can be shockingly creative.

Funny, Weird, and Bizarre Stuff Motorcyclists Wear