How To Host a Nerf Birthday Party

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Many kids and adults are in love with nerf guns. They are a fun but safe way to experience the thrill of weapon-like tag and target shooting. Many parents prefer it because it isn’t as aggressive and messy as other target games like paintball.

Hosting a nerf party is sure to make your kid’s birthday party memorable. Suppose the kid is into adventure games and Nerf guns, the better. But choosing this route requires a lot of work. This article will show the steps you can take to have a successful nerf party.

Choose a Good Venue

A suitable venue is very crucial when hosting a nerf party. You have three suitable options for location; you could do it at your home, in a gym, or in a dedicated nerf facility.

Hosting nerf parties at home will save you the cost of renting out a nerf facility. But it would mean more work setting up the nerf props and acquiring equipment. NERF facilities will have various equipment and other obstacles that could make the event more fun.

No matter your option, a little forethought, and dedication can yield the best results and guarantee a magnificent party.

Get The Right Equipment

The right nerf equipment will make your party both fun and safe. When picking equipment, you should consider the party’s theme and what your kid is most into.

Are your kids into zombies or Star Wars? Do they enjoy playing Fortnite? Nerf guns don’t have to be just practical; they also have to be cool. There are several themed nerf guns out there to make this happen.

You will also need some safety gear. Safety glasses or goggles are crucial. You also have to provide pinnies and Vests to differentiate teams and cushion the blast of the nerf bullets. There should be pockets for storing ammo.

Provide Obstacles and Shooting Targets

If you choose to convert a local gym or host the party at your place, you will need to provide more than just guns and ammo. An open space is just not compatible with a good Nerf war.

Obstacles and Shooting Targets can add more thrill to the game. The kids can hide and run away from the obstacles to evade their opponents.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good obstacle course and target points going. You can easily improvise using painted cardboard. The cardboards can be folded and arranged in a way that makes the better fun.

Create Exciting Game Modes

Game modes are crucial to a nerf party as they determine whether the party is memorable or forgettable. Take out some time to choose the correct game mode.

The good news is that these game modes are relatively easy to set up once you take the time to plan them out. Here are some popular options:

Zombie Run

Divide the kids into zombies and survivors. The zombie can be fewer than survivors and usually walk around, trying to chase survivors. If a zombie touches a survivor, he turns into a zombie. The game ends when only one survivor is left.

Capture The Flag

Divide the kids into two equal teams- Team A and Team B. Place a sort of flag at both ends of the field. Differentiate the team with colored pinnies and vests. The first team to capture their opponent’s flag wins the game.

Squad Battles

Squad battles is an all-time favorite. Split the kids into squads of two or three. Each team battles to remain the last team standing. The essence of this game is to recreate Fortnite squad Battles. You can introduce rules to make the game last longer and prolong the fun.

Send Out Party Invitations

Of course, you will need guests if the party is going to be fun, so send out invitations early. As a nerf party, you can make the invitations as colorful and eye-catching as possible.

Ensure the invitations have the party’s time, date, and venue. There should also be provisions for RSVP and a phone number for guests to contact you. For a better response, address the guests personally. There are many invitation themes on the internet.

Arrange for Food and Decorations

Good decorations will add to the nerf-like feeling of the party. Some parents have even gone ahead to make cakes with nerf themes. Finally, food is essential after the excitement of a nerf war.


Nerf Parties are fun to host but can be very demanding. This article has shown five basic steps that lead to a successful party, and you can add or discard from them depending on your preference.

Ultimately, we hope this helps you plan a nerf party that will be fun and memorable for your kids.