How to increase the quality of your free time in a few simple steps


Nowadays, every professional has to find creative ways to make the most of his or her time, to optimize the time intervals in which he or she has seemingly nothing to do, always finding new activities with which to completely fill his or her days.

By now, most people live their lives in an almost automatic way, never stopping to reflect on the amount of time they devote to this or that activity, and continuing to carry out their daily tasks like a kind of mechanized robot, remote-controlled or guided from above, by an invisible power, completing all their tasks diligently and extremely punctually, in order to earn a monthly salary that allows them to spend their free time decently.

But where do people find the time to plan and even think about their leisure time, the best ways to have fun and spend our breaks in a pleasant and enjoyable way? The truth is that very few people think about it: almost everyone tends to improvise, letting his or her own ingenuity, impulses, or ability to make sensible decisions even in a matter of very few seconds, without wasting even a minute. These cases, however, are extremely rare, almost unobtainable.

The secret is in the planning

The inability to plan in advance the activities to be done during one’s free time, in some cases, lead people toward a kind of temporary inhibition that manifests itself precisely when they have nothing to do, and which prevents them from thinking clearly and deciding how to use the free time one has more profitably.

In most cases, these people almost always tend to waste their time – which is never too much: two, three or four hours at most -, leaving the house without a precise destination and often ending up spending quite a bit of time bottled up in traffic, not knowing where to go, what to do, let alone who to see, and for what purpose. This is a very unenviable situation, because in addition to providing great waste of time it also generates an annoying feeling of irritation that lasts for hours on end, poisoning the whole rest of the day.

The role of discipline

To remedy this problem, people must learn to act rigorously, with discipline, organizing their days in a precise and impeccable manner, trying as much as possible to fill the empty spaces with useful and productive activities.

One of the most underestimated moments, from this point of view, is certainly the work break, that supreme moment of relaxation that is usually consumed several times during the day, and that in most cases is dedicated to relaxation, to chatting freely, or to consulting some multimedia content that is missed. Why not start using some of these small breaks to plan your evening activities, or your weekends? By devoting, for example, five minutes of each of your breaks to planning your leisure time, you can create a comprehensive and satisfying activity plan for yourself, in every respect.

This method can also be used to fit into your days and work activities that you had neglected, or to which you have not devoted yourself for a long time. With a careful study of your free time, during the week and on weekends, you should be able to find snippets of time to devote to your passions, to what made your heart beat in the past, and what you have never completely forgotten.

Knowing that on Wednesday morning, before you go to work, you will devote yourself to that certain activity you love, you can face the rest of the week with a great feeling of relaxation, because you know full well that your favorite fun is already there waiting for you.

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What we do in our leisure time ultimately defines the quality of our lives.