How to Keep Your Car Safe When Shipping

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Many people opt for automobile shipping as a viable option for moving. Some customers choose to ship their vehicle so they don’t have to worry about driving it during the relocation process. Others want to save money on gas and insurance by shipping their vehicle. Whether you’re planning to have your car shipped or not, here are some tips to keep your car safe while being transported.

#1. Choose a Reputable Shipping Company

As many customers and car shipping companies know, transporting a car is not a task that should be taken lightly. The company you use to ship your vehicle has a duty to ensure your car gets from point A to point B safely. As a customer, you also have a duty to protect your investment. You should research the company you plan to use for vehicle shipping.

Picking a Reliable Car Shipping Company

• Ask for their insurance info.

• Research movers online for reviews and complaints.

• Get a written agreement before any payment.

• Opt for established companies with more experience.

• Avoid companies that request a wire transfer.

If you find out they don’t provide insurance, haven’t had good reviews, or aren’t willing to answer your questions, you should look for another company.

#2. Empty the Car

Cleaning out your car before shipping is not just polite, but it can be important for safety reasons. While you might be tempted to load your car with boxes, it’s best to leave the car empty. If you ship your car with stuff inside, it can shift during transit and cause damage to your vehicle. In addition to damage, things inside your car can be a safety hazard.

Removing any items not secured to the interior of your car is important. If you have a phone holder, charger, or GPS device that could potentially move during the transit, take them out before shipping the car. You might also want to unplug anything portable so it doesn’t shift during transit.

#3. Secure and Remove Accessories

If you have fixtures such as bike racks, luggage racks, ski racks, and custom spoilers on your car, make sure to remove or secure them before your car gets shipped. Check out the best rav 4 bike rack as an option. In addition, such fixtures can become projectiles if they loosen during transit. This can damage or break windows, doors, and even other fixtures on your car during shipping. It may even be a danger to other cars on the truck.

#4. Wash Your Car

Cleaning your car before shipment is important for two reasons. First, it keeps your car looking nice until you get to your new home. Second, cleaning the car will remove any contaminants on the car. These include dirt, oil, salt, grime, and more. Such contaminants can ruin your car’s paint job. When your car is clean, it’s easier to spot dents and scratches that you should photograph for your records.

#5. Clean the Interior

Just like the exterior, you should clean the interior of your car before shipment. Cleaning will not only make your car smell nice, but it will help you identify anything that should be removed or secured. These include loose change, pens, and food. Also, make sure to sweep up dust in the car. Dust particles and tiny rocks can be projectiles during shipment.

#6. Photograph the Condition of Your Vehicle

Finally, take photos of your car before shipment. Having “before” pictures will help in determining any damage that might have occurred during shipping. You should take pictures of the exterior, interior, and undercarriage. It’s also helpful to take pictures of the odometer and various parts (i.e., tires, shocks, and brakes). These photos will show the condition of your vehicle before shipping, which can be useful in making a claim.


To make sure your car is safe during shipping, it’s important to prepare your vehicle before handing over the keys. Whether you are moving across town or halfway around the world, some precautions need to be taken before loading up your automobile onto a moving truck. With these helpful hints in mind, you will feel better about handing over your car for delivery across the country or overseas.