How to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up in the Snow and Other Weather-Related Problems

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Glasses are designed to help us see better or make a fashion statement. But what happens when those glasses fog up and betray your vision? The unfortunate truth about wearing glasses is that you often have to worry about them fogging up, especially in the snow and different weather experiences. When you step from hot to cold or cold to out, you’re bound to have fogged-up glasses to contend with. 

The good news is that there are some things you can do to help prevent your glasses from fogging up in the snow and other weather issues. Take a look at this guide to help you better understand tips for keeping your glasses clear. 

What Makes Glasses Fog Up? 

There are several scenarios that might make your glasses fog up. Most of the time, when you introduce a new temperature to the environment, this will lead to fog. When you wear a mask, your breath comes up the top of the mask and fogs the glasses. When you’ve been inside and step outside, you can also face some fogging lenses. 

The best way to keep fogless glasses is to ensure you have high-quality glasses and then simply change your habits or incorporate some simple tips that will help keep them clear. Options like these clear glasses work well for some of the tips we will share below. 

Tips to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up in Any Weather

Breathing is something you have to do, and walking outside or even inside, where warm air may hit your cool lenses, is also a part of life. Since you can’t avoid these things, instead, use these tips to help you keep your lenses from fogging up! 

1. Try an Anti-Fog Spray

There are anti-fog sprays that you can use on your glasses, and this will help reduce the likelihood of your glasses fogging up. The anti-fog spray doesn’t eliminate moisture but rather helps convert it to moisture rather than condensation droplets that cause the fogging sensation. You can find anti-fog sprays anywhere with glasses care products typically. You might also be able to ask your eyeglass provider about an anti-fog coating that will work similarly. 

2. Soap and Water Cleaning

Another favorite tip for protecting your glasses from fogging up is using soap and water to clean the lenses. This is one of the top choices because it’s simple, and it’s a DIY fix that you can do using stuff you have at home. The only thing to be mindful of is using a plain soap that doesn’t have moisturizing or lotion in it, as those could leave a coating behind on your lenses. Dish soap will also work here. 

Put a tiny bit of soap on both sides of your lenses and use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the lenses with the soap. Make sure you coat both sides and buff the soap in. Then, you can rinse away or wipe away any excess soap. You won’t want to just soak up the soap here, though. The soap acts as a barrier, so your goal will be to buff it in but don’t leave filmy residue behind. 

3. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream works almost exactly the same way as soap and water. The idea is that a very small amount of shaving cream can be buffed into your lenses. Then this cream offers a barrier that will help prevent your glasses from fogging up. This is applied the same way. Just use the smallest little drop of cream on all sides of your lenses. Then, work with a microfiber cloth that won’t scratch as you buff it in. 

4. Glasses Adjustments

Sometimes, preventing fogged glasses is simply a matter of adjusting your glasses a little bit. While most people wear their glasses tight against their face, this actually sometimes causes more fogging. Instead, try wearing your glasses farther down your nose and slightly away from your face. This will allow less air to get trapped inside, allowing circulation so your glasses won’t just fog up from trapped air. 

5. Proper Glasses Care

While these other tips can certainly be useful, simply taking great care of your glasses will also make a significant difference. When you care for your glasses in such a way that you reduce or prevent scratches and even smudges, you reduce the possibility of fog. You see, these marks on your lenses actually can trap air or condensation, which then causes your glasses to fog up. 

Always take care of your glasses and store them properly when not in use. Use only gentle cleaning tools, and avoid using anything that could potentially harm your glasses. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your glasses is one of the best ways to help prevent fogging issues. Whether you’re walking out into the cold, breathing through a mask, or just blasting the AC in your car, you need all the best tips to be able to see like your glasses were designed to do! These simple steps will help keep your glasses clear. Enjoy the view!