How to Motivate Someone You Care About to Workout

Watching someone you care about wither away into a pile of mud while snacking on Snickers bars can be a depressing sight. Particularly, if it happens to be your brother or a close friend. In these situations, motivating them can be a tricky and delicate task. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

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The following points will help you to learn how to motivate someone you care deeply about. It’s no secret that health and fitness go hand in hand. In order to live a productive life, a person must be physically fit enough to tackle whatever life’s journey throws at them.

#1 Be a Source of Inspiration

All men have egos, and for a lot of men, their egos can get in the way. Do you often talk to someone about how great you feel after a workout? Or show off the results you’re getting? While this may seem like a way to motivate someone, it’s actually not. In reality, these actions could be off-putting to someone in need of inspiration.

To avoid this issue altogether, do your best to lead by example. Instead of talking about what you’re doing, remember that actions speak louder than words. Simply taking action in front of someone may inspire them to follow your lead. And the beauty of this method is that it can be done naturally rather than forced.

Overall, taking the time to focus on being a positive source of inspiration is the first step.

#2 Inclusion

As a continuation of point #1 comes point #2. Instead of talking about going to the gym to someone as a motivator, invite them to come along with you. Any chance you have to invite them to do physical exercise is an opportunity to motivate them to get up and get going.

Do your best to find opportunities to invite your friend or family member to come along with you. And put your ego aside if they’re not on the same level as you at the gym. Remember that you too started from the bottom, and if you truly want to help someone, there will be some sacrifices along the way.

#3 Create Fear

When done in moderation, creating fear of missing out or future consequences can help to motivate some people. For example, if you look at the negative consequences of an unhealthy diet on lifespan and general health, this can help to motivate some people to make immediate lifestyle changes.

Especially, if you’re trying to motivate someone who is young and still at the stage in life where they think they’ll live forever. The key here is to remind them that they’ll eventually pay for their current actions down the line.

#4 Go on an International Adventure

If your bro is stuck in a mundane life routine, he may need a drastic change to reinspire him in ways that he didn’t know existed. Perhaps the local dating scene has become dull to him. For this reason, the thought of becoming more attractive in the gym might have gotten put deep on the back burner.

The cure for this problem is a trip overseas full of fun and meeting new people. Once he has the chance to see what’s available out there, particularly in the dating realm, his inspiration to get his life back in order could peak. In a way, going on an international adventure could serve as a jolt that wakes him up from his waking everyday slumber.

#5 Offer Supplements

These days, there are plenty of nootropics and other supplements that have been shown to motivate even the most sluggish people. Perhaps the person you’re trying to motivate could benefit from the slight nudge provided by a supplement. Once you as the motivator provide the supplement, your target will be more likely to use it to avoid letting you down.

Men who are out of shape and unmotivated may be suffering from low testosterone levels. If you notice that your friend seems overly emotional with a low sex drive, this is a telltale sign that changes need to be made. With that being said, you’ll see a lot of bogus products on the market, such as Nugenix. Read this complete Nugenix review to get an idea of why you should skip over that one and other similar products.

Instead of falling into the trap of marketing hype, dig into your own knowledge about supplements or look for real research. All in all, supplements can help to motivate men who are in dire need of inspiration to exercise.

#6 Develop a Workout Plan or Challenge

One surefire way to fail when trying to motivate someone to work out is by aimlessly beginning to exercise. For example, a short jog one day is not a win if the next day things go right back to normal. Instead of following this path, take some time to develop a plan that will help the person you’re trying to motivate see real results.

To illustrate, imagine starting with some complex exercises, such as the barbell squat and bench press. Start with the bar and add a little bit of weight with each session. With this approach, the person will see results after each workout. Another plan could be HIIT training challenges.

With a plan in place, the person will be able to keep track of changes with before & after photos. And nothing is more motivating than seeing positive physical changes. Before you know it, the positive changes will be enough to motivate your friend without the need for you to be there.

Bottom Line

The most important consideration is to avoid shaming someone into exercising or working out. This type of negative interaction will only serve to hamper your efforts. Instead, be a source of positive energy and motivation. Show the person that you’re putting serious effort into trying to help them because they’ll notice.

Even if your efforts fail at first, don’t quit. Because if you truly care about someone deeply enough to help them, then you’ll have to sacrifice some of your own energy to get them where they need to be.