How To Play Drunk UNO

Drinking games are a great way to have fun with friends and let loose. But if you’re looking for something a little different and a lot more exciting than the same old beer pong, then you need to try drunk uno. Not only is it easy to learn, but it’s incredibly fun as well. Here’s everything you need to know about playing drunk uno.

How To Play Drunk Uno

Drunk uno is just like regular uno, except that it has a few additional rules that make it more challenging—and hilariously entertaining—to play while drinking. Here are the basic rules of drunken uno:

• Each player draws seven cards and takes turns playing them on the discard pile; if they don’t have anything to play, they draw a card from the deck until they do.

• Whenever someone plays an action card (i.e., skip, draw two, reverse), the person who played it must drink whatever number of drinks is indicated on the card before continuing their turn.

• If someone plays an action card against another player and then draws something from their hand that can beat it, they can switch out the card for what was just drawn and make their opponent drink instead of them!

• The last remaining player with cards in their hands loses the game and must finish their drink; if no one has any cards left in their hands at the end of a round, each player takes one last drink and then another round begins!

• The first person to reach seven points wins the game; each point is equal to one full glass/can of beer or one shot/mixed drink/glass of wine consumed by each player during that round.

• Extra rules may be added depending on your group’s preferences (e.g., “7-11 rule” where players have to take 2 drinks whenever they draw 7 or 11 cards).

The Rules of Drunk Uno

The Basics of Drunk Uno: The basic concept of Drunk Uno is simple—play the same way you would play regular Uno, but add a drinking component to it. When each player has been dealt their cards, they’ll take turns placing cards on the table. When someone plays a Wild card or Draw Two card, all other players must drink for 2 seconds.

When someone plays a Reverse card, all other players must drink for 4 seconds. And when someone plays a Skip card, all other players must drink for 6 seconds. You can also add your own personal rules to make it more interesting; for example, whenever someone plays a Wild Draw Four card, everyone else at the table has to finish their drinks!

Drinking Penalty Cards: In addition to the in-game drinking penalties mentioned above, there are two special penalty cards that will really test your alcohol tolerance—the “Drink One” and “Drink Two” cards. Whenever someone draws one of these cards (they are randomly placed in the deck), they must drink according to what is written on the card—either 1 second or 2 seconds respectively.

If you draw one of these cards while it’s not your turn however, you can pass it off to another player by discarding one of your own cards and replacing it with that penalty card instead. This way, no one person gets stuck with too many penalty cards!

Ending the Game: The game ends when one player has discarded all their cards and yells “Uno!” Other players then have 15 seconds to discard any remaining penalty cards in their hand or face an additional 5 second drinking penalty for every card left in their possession after time runs out. Once all remaining penalty cards have been discarded and accounted for, whoever yelled “Uno” first wins!

Conclusion: Drunk Uno is an excellent way to spice up your next night in with friends. Not only will everyone get into some serious laughter as they try not to lose track of which cards were played, but you’ll also find yourself bonding over shared experiences (and drinks). With its simple ruleset and ability for customization, it’s clear why drunk uno is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinking games around! So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!