6 Tips To Prevent Chafing Down There

fresh balls cream for men chafing#4. Or This Ball Cream
You can also rub cream on your balls to lube ’em up. Free of harmful additives like aluminum and parabens, Fresh so Dry Fresh Balls ($20 for a 2-pack @ Amazon.com) is also antibacterial. It’ll eliminate the stickiness or wetness so no “crotch rot” occurs.

dude wipes stop chaffing#5. Or Use These Ball Wipes
If you want to stay away from creams or balms, check out Dude Wipes ($10 @ Amazon.com). The name is as awful as it gets, but the wipes — they’re just like a wet wipe, except for your sack — but vitamin E and aloe in them can keep skin moisturized and healthy; when you’re done, flush ’em down the toilet.

untuck shirt prevent chafing#6. Untuck Your Shirt
Relax a little, dude. Untucking your shirt doesn’t just make you look like less of a stiff, it can also prevent your pits and sack from sweating their uh, balls off.