Wanna Bet These People Wish They Never Got Caught Crying On Camera?

best cry ever

We’re not going to bust someone’s balls for crying. Whether that’s hearing a barkeep yell “Last call!” or watching your dick roommate snack on the last slice of pizza, if you’re human, there is something that can tug the heartstrings and turn on the water works. What makes things worse is — like an “O” face — there’s no controlling what you look like when you’re eyes are leaky faucets. Of course, at the time you probably don’t care, but later on if you saw the faces you’re about to see, it’ll make you never show emotion again.

Let’s start with …

#1. Rocky Lockridge, a former world camp boxer who turned to crack, was a homeless dude who was approached by his family to get clean. It’s a heartwarming tale, but man oh man, the cry is one for the books:


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