How To Revamp Your Exercise Routine

towelHydryx Workout Towel ($12)
Most gym chains don’t give out free towels these days. Maybe it’s the economy, or maybe it’s because too many people “accidentally’ walk out with them. Regardless, investing in a good towel makes sense. The gym-provided paper towels are great for wiping down equipment after dropping sweat bombs, but they tear easy and generally don’t do a good job of mopping the moisture off of your body. Enter the quick-drying, super-absorbent Hydryx Workout Towel that can hold up to five times its weight in water. No matter how hard you push yourself or how much sweat drips from your body, it’ll handle the job. You’ll be more comfortable during your workouts, and the other gym members will no longer dread seeing you ooze your way toward their machine.