How to Securely Fasten a Trailer to Your Vehicle

nick deinum dpxo2QUDJhY unsplash

There’s thousands of reasons why you might need to use a trailer. Maybe it’s for a new job, or maybe you’re moving from one house to another. Regardless of the reason, make sure you do your homework in safely operating a vehicle with a trailer. Down the line, you’ll be thankful that you did.

Safety is no joke. Do not skip out on doing research for every aspect of your new trailer. As an example, find the most reputable brands when it comes to pintle hook manufacturers to ensure both you and your cargo arrive at their destinations safely. As an introduction to the research you’ll be doing here’s some tips to get you started fastening your new trailer.

First, Line Everything Up

Having a second set of hands and eyes can make all the difference when it comes to making sure everything is done safer and smoother. Your friend can stay outside your vehicle to make sure you are backing up to the trailer correctly. 

Once everything seems lined up, make sure the hitch’s handle is in the unlocked position. Now, either of you will then use the hand crank to set the trailer hitch above the vehicle’s ball hitch. Then you’ll simply use the crank to lower the hich so it’s securely over the ball hitch on your vehicle. 

Once that step is finished, be sure that the trailer is parallel with its neck and the trailer’s hitch handle is locked in place.

Next Step, Secure

Find the trailer’s pin and insert it into the handle to make sure the trailer will remain tightly attached to the ball hitch on the vehicle. Also on most trailers you should find chains to attach to the vehicle itself. Those are there in the case of the trailer unhooking from the ball hitch. 

In the rare event that happens, the chains work as a way to still have some connection to your vehicle as you come to a stop and assess the issue.

After the trailer is secured, don’t forget to attach the trailer’s electrical plug to your vehicle. Once that is done ensure all lights (brake lights and turn signals) are in working order and double check your vehicle has all the proper tags it needs in accordance with local and state laws.

Finally, Double Check It All

While we aren’t talking about carpentry, the old saying of “Measure twice, cut once” is a life lesson applicable to nearly everything. You might not feel the need to double check every step and that’s OK but before you leave with your trailer, give it a good once over so you’re more confident on the road. 

If you weren’t planning on it, consider making a few stops along your journey to make sure everything with your trailer is nice and tight. Bumpy roads and high speeds can do a number on anything, especially over distance. You can save yourself a lot of stress later by making sure everything stays OK along your way.