Dental Treatments That Can Help Restore Your Confidence For 2022

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One of the biggest confidence killers around comes from mouth worries. If you’re afraid to smile, that may resonate in your mind. Here are some dental treatments designed to help restore your confidence sooner rather than later.

Teeth Whitening

Aside from general dentistry, which is arguably one of the most common treatments you’ll have with a dentist, a lot of people will visit to have their teeth whitened. Many people with discoloured teeth will feel a lack of confidence because of it, and adding a bit of brightness can change everything.

Dentists are professionals who can have your teeth whitened with ease safely and comfortably, to improve your smile. You’ll first have to have a consultation, that may include digital scans, to create a mouth guard for the procedure. There will be personalised whitening gel applied, over a few weeks which can help give you whitening effects for life, improving your confidence.

Straightening Teeth

One of the most common treatments people get from their dentist is a tooth straightening process, which can come in a few different forms. Most commonly, it will be a brace that is built into your mouth to help straighten it out over a long period. Having your teeth misaligned isn’t just an aesthetic concern, but a healthy one too. That’s because misaligned teeth can put extra stress onto your mouth, which could lead to issues such as decay or even gum disease.

It’s something that a lot of people have done, with there is increased pressure in this country to upgrade dental treatments after the British stereotype of crooked teeth over the decades. To get the most out of your dental visit, an orthodontist will work with you to find out what solution will work for your mouth.

These solutions could be traditional braces or something more modern such as Invisalign. This is a process that works to mould around your teeth, making it easy for you to remove when needed, and have constant consultations to ensure everything is going as planned.

Consulting The Experts

What you should also consider doing, along with researching dental treatments that could help you to restore your confidence, is to speak to your dentist about your options. It may well be that you think you know what you want, but your dentist will have expert knowledge that could offer alternatives that are better suited to you.

Whilst you should be seeing your dentist regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent problems before they arise, you can organise a consultation so that you can get to the bottom of any worries or issues you have, and find out about potential treatment options available to you.

The treatments offered will depend on your dentist. You may find that some dentists will only cater towards certain ages, and will only offer certain solutions. That may mean that if you have children, you will need to work with a family-friendly dentist to give them quick access to treatments.

Commonly, you will find that young teenagers will need braces to help straighten out their teeth whilst growing, to help promote healthy teeth going into adulthood. With there now being multiple different types of braces available, it means you should be finding a dentist who understands the difference between them, and what will suit your family.

This way, you will be able to get the best quality available, and not have work needing to be redone a few years down the line. Fulham Road Dental are a dentist in Fulham that is an expert in improving confidence. This range of treatments that they offer means that they are well-equipped to help you with any issues, which is why you should consider consulting your dentist as soon as possible, to see if they’ve got what you want or need.

If they don’t have the treatments that you need, then it may be worth you and your family moving to a different dentist. Ensure that your whole family is happy with this, as you won’t want to uproot them and move them from a dentist that they were quite comfortable with. The main aim should be to improve confidence going into the new year, the last thing you want to do is make it worse.


Some dentists offer a service that goes further than simply looking at your teeth and doing procedures. They can offer you a hygienist that can sit down with you to discuss your current oral care regime, as well as help to form a plan that maintains your dental health or even improve it.

A healthy mouth will help contribute to your overall health and improve your confidence. Some of the recommendations that could be made by your dentist include ultrasonic cleaning, whitening your teeth or advice. Advice could come in the form of how you can best look after your braces, as well as brushing techniques and what products you should be looking to avoid, and what’s actually inside some of them.

A hygienist could also go all in and have your teeth professionally cleaned. They may do this as there are some things that you simply can’t do at home. For example, you may have a build-up of calculus, otherwise known as tartar around your teeth which you won’t be able to do much about. If left unchecked, this could lead to serious issues such as gum disease.

A hygienist would be able to clean your teeth and gums from build-ups such as this by using special equipment and instruments that they have. Not only that, but they would be able to give you advice on how to prevent this build-up from happening again. This is why many people regularly schedule appointments with a hygienist, as they can offer something that you need, that you usually can not get.


Dental implants can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Essentially, an implant is a replacement for the root of your missing tooth and works as the foundation piece that sits in your mouth in place of a missing tooth, allowing a crown to be settled in.

The crown is the visible tooth that you can see above the gum line, and many people choose to replace single or even multiple teeth with these. If possible, an experienced dentist will work to save your natural tooth, but oftentimes that’s not possible. In those cases, your dentist may remove a broken or unhealthy tooth, and fix the gap before any issues arise.

If you leave a gap in your teeth, then you may run into teeth drifting issues. This is when teeth on either side of the gap start moving into the space left by any missing teeth. This can lead to situations all around your mouth, forcing the remaining teeth to be overworked, which could lead to them breaking up. The bone in the position of your missing tooth will also start to erode, and all of this could affect your speech.

With a dental implant, you help reduce the risk of losing the bone, and you will allow for less trauma to the surrounding teeth. The good news is that having implants installed is much more comfortable than other solutions, such as a denture. So, consider speaking to your dentist as soon as possible to learn more.